The general function of smart Watch

发布时间 : 2021-07-15

It's beautiful with smart watch. It weighs only 1.27 ounces, with sparkling stainless steel bezel and soft silicone watch band. My tester uses brilliant ocean green ocean tones, but you can also use soft pink, white and gold and black watches.

The 43 millimeter smart watch is suitable for my wrist. It has a 218 x 218 resolution display screen under polyamide glass and customizable watch dial, and I find it difficult to read the face indoors, but it does have a LED backlight that can solve this readability, like any multi-functional watch, which can be waterproof up to 30 meters and have an optical heart rate monitor. It takes about an hour to recharge. This smart watch also has GPS tracking training, and I find that I have to charge every three to four days.

Use five buttons to navigate the watch around the face, not the touchscreen. I find navigation easy because this button has only one function. You can turn on the backlight, gently roll the list of training logs in your watch, and use the function of timer and stopwatch. You can also see the current and historical heart rate, body condition, sleep counter, calorie count, calorie consumption, training plan and my overall health level.

I tested a few weeks of running, hiking, treadmill and swimming for almost a few weeks, and almost couldn't catch it. After all, this watch has 70 preprogrammed models, from skis to golf and so on. The watch records the specific data of each activity, such as the running rhythm, the swimming efficiency score, but if you carry the cell phone with you, it can scan your location data to draw the route and the elevation change, and you can also enable the sleep tracking on the watch. Although the total number of sleep hours was the same as the hours recorded by the sleep mats, the quality of sleep recorded by this watch was significantly lower, and when I fell asleep, I had to hold my arm.

The watch's optical heart rate monitor is accurate and consistent with the heart rate measurements of other sports watches that I've seen, but this step makes me crazy. Whenever I move my arm, this watch makes it a step; in the past few weeks, I saw my steps hurried to the post office and brushing my teeth. Or working on my computer; connecting my watch to GPS can help you, in the past few weeks, the number of steps has fallen, because it has gradually adapted to my habits.But it's still not the exact measure of my day's activity. The best feature of the watch is the adaptive training program, as long as you enter your height and weight, and combine all the health data in the exercise process with the heart rate variability and the previous exercise data into a time and intensity target value for every 7 days. Calculate once to improve your overall health level, according to your health measurement, or the amount of oxygen you can use during exercise.

You can't tailor your training plan according to your personal goals. For example, you can't tell it you want to run 5K or 5 pounds. But this watch really adapts to your schedule and how you feel every day. If I date a friend on Thursday, I'll start working on Tuesday and Wednesday, and if my son wakes up four times a night, I'll be stressed and exhausted and skip my evening running. 3 fitness records, all of watch can be used to adjust your exercise plan accordingly.