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Today's young people like to wear a smart bracelet, which can monitor heart rate, blood pressure, sleep and other health indicators.

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high-tech smart bracelets benefit the elderly living alone

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With the advent of an aging society, thesmart braceletissue of old-age care is really in front of many people.

Old-age care is a big topic. If you divide it according to the living environment of the elderly, it can be divided into two categories. One type is home-based pensions, and the second type is to provide concentrated pensions in old-age apartments and other pension institutions. Most of these elderly people still care for themselves at home, because many elderly people are unwilling to go to an old-age care institution, and in addition, the old-age care institutions cannot accommodate so many elderly people.

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There is a problem for the elderly at home. Who cares for the elderly? Take care of yourself, your wife and children take care of each other, your children take care of you, and ask your nanny to take care of them. Generally speaking, they can be divided into these categories.

Taking care of yourself, or the care of each other, is still not assured. Because the old man is old, there are still many unknown and dangerous situations. To give an extreme example, an old man living alone suddenly passed out at home. Who would tell his children at this time? Sometimes, it is true that the elderly died at home and their children did not know.

Today's young people like to wear smart bracelet, which can monitor heart rate, blood pressure, sleep and other health indicators. This is the benefit brought by the advancement of technology to people, and now this benefit is also gradually used in old age.

In Inhuman, Inhuman, how do my children take care of themselves when they are not around? If you don’t go to a nursing home, you can rely on smart bracelet

At the home care service center in Tianjin District, Inhuman, an elderly lady put on a bracelet. In addition to measuring her heart rate and blood pressure, this bracelet can be used to call children and call for elderly care services. center.

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As long as you press the SOS button above , the woman's son's phone will ring constantly, and a reminder will appear on the big screen of the elderly care center.

" After the old people call their children, their children will promptly communicate with their parents, deal with the problem; if the child is not around, pension center staff will promptly make arrangements on-site assistance. " Tahitian District home care service center Wei Pena said, " the operation bracelet is very Simple, every old man can learn. "

And if the old man has a more serious accident, such as a sudden fall to the ground, the smart bracelet can also sense and alarm.

" Our old man appeared accidental falls, the children of the phone APP will automatically receive an alarm, we will also receive service center big screen elderly fall alarm, the position of the elderly, name, can be reflected. " Wei Pena expressed , " we will be the first time to call elderly or need help, if needed we will arrange the nearest door staff assistance, immediately called the children to the elderly, so that children grasp the situation of the elderly. this reduces the elderly themselves at home The chance of an accident without anyone knowing it. "

In fact, the smart bracelet is a concrete embodiment of the smart pension system. In addition to emergency assistance, the elderberry's needs for meal assistance, bath assistance, walk assistance, and medical assistance can be easily realized through the smart pension system. This also solves the problem that some elderly people are unwilling to go to an elderly care institution and their children do not have time to take care of the elderly. The staff of the Civil Affairs Bureau said that at present, this kind of smart elderly care service is in Inhuman. Tianjin District first started trials, and it will gradually become popular in the future.

Of course, a smart bracelet cannot completely replace humans, but it is a new way after all. What do you think about this?

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