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The selection test is a one-minute jump rope, solid ball, sitting forward and sit-ups.Sports stopwatch.The score is counted into the total score of the junior middle school academic examination.

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Physical fitness training needs sports stopwatch

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Parents and students attach more importance to physical education than ever since sports scores were included in the entrance examination. In order to avoid the results of the physical examination, many parents made exercise plans in advance before their children entered the third day of the year, and some signed up for their children.Take your sports stopwatch.Took part in the entrance examination Test training courses to improve physical and physical fitness.

In recent years, every weekend or holiday, in the stadium of the Shanks National Fitness Cent er, many students are often seen bouncing for physical exercise, some running around the playground in groups. Some practice the long jump under the guidance of the coach. Although high school students and parents pay great attention to physical examination, it is found that parents still think most of the scores.
"I dare not lose a cent" in the middle school test.

Since W, our province has raised the total score of the physical test to W, and the provincial capital Taiyuan must take the physical test (two items): W meters (male), I'm (female); standing long jump. The selection test is a one-minute jump rope, solid ball, sitting forward and sit-ups.Sports stopwatch.The score is counted into the total score of the junior middle school academic examination.
sports stopwatch
"my children can study well, even if they are fat and do not like sports since childhood. If they do not find a coach to train, they will certainly not pass the physical test." A parent, who declined to be named, said her son had just entered junior high school in Taiyuan. This summer, she was introduced to the Shanks National Fitness Cent er Stadium. Signed up to participate in the "learning and education in the body test training" summer training, "now sports in the entrance examination scores are quite large, not dare to lose a point." And compared with the culture class, in sports points are relatively easy. "

"I used to think that kids would at least get W or more, so they would't be too far off from other kids, but now it's a bit difficult to get there." The parent said that after a summer vacation training, her son had lost W cat ties and W cat ties now. "although she lost weight, he was still not able to run and jump." Even now I'm in junior three, but take my kids to two classes a week, hoping to improve my grades as soon as possible.

The parent is now a bit "regretful" that his child should start training on the first day of the year, because it is a little late in the third year. "the child is tired every weekend, almost as tired as class. He can't even sleep late." The parent also enrolled his son in a training course in culture. On the weekend, he studied culture in the morning and in the afternoon.That stopwatch.Practice sports, "if the first practice, now can be much easier, but also to lay a good foundation ahead of time."

"when I was at school, I did't think sports was much, but now the kids are so worried." The parent believes that the lack of exercise is mainly due to high academic pressure. "the children usually have no time to practice sports at home. They have to write their homework until midnight every night, and sometimes they have to get up early to continue writing." The parent said that although the school has three physical education classes a week and has classes every day, children do not like to exercise, if school teachers do not regularly urge training, sports performance will be difficult to improve.
Choosing training should be considered in the light of the situation of all parties

For a long time, schools, parents and students have attached importance to Chinese, mathematics, foreign language and other main classes, ignoring physical education. However, with the total score of physical education in the middle school examination, and the score gradually increased to W, the middle school physical education teacher's "status" will be higher and higher. Of course, responsibility is also getting heavier and heavier.
sports stopwatch
"the purpose of bringing physical education into the middle school examination is not to ask students to lose points in sports, but to actively guide parents and students in this way, and to establish a concept of strengthening exercise and strengthening physique." For students who use their spare time in "supplementary classes" in the training institutions for physical examination, a physical education teacher believes that Be sure to use the sports stopwatch strictly Although extracurricular "supplementary classes" can improve children's performance, but each child's physical quality is different, we still have to take into account all aspects of the situation.

Indeed, physical education training, like other cultural courses, needs to be supplemented, has no effect, and needs to be analysed in terms of the students' schools and personal circumstances. "if schools do well in physical education, there is no need to find training institutions. If children do poorly in sports, they can train. At the same time, if the school physical education is not strict, can also participate in extracurricular training. " The physical education teacher said that the general school from the beginning of the school will teach students to practice the examination program.
"physical education in Grade 3 is supplemented by strength, endurance, speed, flexibility and so on." A high school physical education teacher said that strength training is standing long jump, endurance training is running, in the second half of the semester will also be flexible, waist strength plus, let students practice.

As for the situation where some students started training before entering junior three, the physical education teacher thought it was not necessary, because the students could learn about the items of the physical test in the normal physical education class, "some of them are talking about skills." For example, standing long jump, pay attention to pare-swing, take off, foot strength, and so on; there are running, there are intermittent running, chase run, time run, so long as the efforts to practice, the results will definitely improve."

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