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The watch band, RESEE band and smart band series operated by our company are popular with Amazon merchants

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Smart watch strap, cherish good times

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Shen zhen RESEE Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional technology company integrating R & D, production and sales. It has a complete and scientific quality management system and has more than 10 years of technology development experience. It provides customers with reliable supporting services and production processes The practical experience of the problem, has a strong product design and development capabilities, and its own brand is RESEE.

Today, the company brings smart watch straps, and we will make evaluations from the following dimensions for reference by cross-border sellers.

Product evaluation: appearance design, detail design, material guarantee

Market evaluation: cost performance, market potential, e-commerce capabilities, customer feedback

Supply evaluation: basic qualification, new product supply, flexible production, inspection report

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Host Tiffany:With the advent of the 5G era, smart wear has become a key entry point in the mobile Internet and Internet of Things era. Smart wear is not a human wearable device in the narrow sense, but an intelligent future covering various industries. With the pull of medical demand, driven by medical smart wearable, experts predict that the smart wearable market will usher in a new wave of upsurge.

This evaluation product-smart watch strap.

The rubber case series strap is easy to replace and install, and it is not easy to fall off. There are also straps made of nylon, Milanese, silicone, and TPU. Nylon is suitable for sports, and Milanese is a favorite of white-collar workers.

Different series of products cater to different types of consumer groups.

Smart watch straps wake up the mood.

Host Tiffany:Although smart wearable have once been cold in the market, they have even suffered a devastating blow. However, the public's imagination of devices has never stopped, and the yearning for future intelligent life has never disappeared. This can be seen from the year-on-year growth in shipments of smart wearable.

Next, asked Tim, a cross-border smart wearer, to analyze the market evaluation of this product for everyone.

Cross-border smart wear sales Tim:

DC's "China Wearable Device Market Quarterly Tracking Report, Third Quarter of 2019" recently released shows that China's wearable device market shipped 27.15 million units in the quarter, a year-on-year increase of 45.2%. The report also predicts that by 2023, China's wearable device market shipments will be close to 200 million units.

With the increasing market share in successive years, what is the sales trend of your company's products overseas? What are the popular trends in the market?

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Factory feedback:The watch band, RESEE band and smart band series operated by our company are popular with Amazon merchants. 3C digital products are literately updated quickly, and our company has an independent design new product research and development department. The products developed at one time became a market trend. This is one of our advantages, so the overseas sales trend continues to rise.

Our company's views on the trend of overseas sales in 2020, sports fitness is the theme, fashion atmosphere is the direction, simple use is the choice. Our company will also develop more new products based on this goal.

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client feedback:I have worked with them many times, and the overseas market has a good effect, and the details and quality are excellent.

Cross-border smart wear sales Tim:

How does your company respond to the peak sales season? And what is your company's layout for the cross-border industry next?

Factory feedback:

Our company has 15 years of factory supply experience and has a close relationship with customers. Before the peak sales season, we will estimate the required supply based on experience and customer order volume feedback, and do a reasonable division of labor, prepare spot and material preparations in advance. .

In 2020, our company will continue to pay attention to the trend of overseas electronic products and develop more intelligent devices suitable for overseas. On the original new products, more watch, waterproof and anti-static original ecological series straps are opened. New products will be developed, such as the series of Bluetooth headsets.

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