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If you have the feeling that you can't run away, you should simply do in-situ running exercises. Stopwatch clocks timing 30 minutes of exercise can achieve the same effect as outdoor running.

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Different venues for running Stopwatch clock

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Running on the right track Although not. Strict requirements Use Stopwatch clock. As a result, there are plenty of places to run around, such as roads, parks, nearby school playgrounds and so on. The characteristics of each place are different, so there are some differences in the way of running and attention in different places.

How to use different venues for running Stopwatch clock

1.The track of the playground is specially designed for running to exercise Unfortunately, I have to count on my own Stopwatch clock. The track of the general playground is 400 meters in length, with two 150 meters straight and 50 meters bends each,Suitable for basic movements of running and running at variable speeds. Today, most playgrounds are rubber runways, much more resilient than earth or cement, cushioning the impact on the body and reducing motion injuries to the feet and knees. In addition to running on the track of the playground, exercisers can go through Stopwatch clock timing The number of laps controls how far you run. Exercisers can also bring a Stopwatch clock with them Timing In order to calculate the running speed, understand the exercise condition more comprehensively, adjust the distance and speed reasonably, and achieve the best effect. There are more running companions on the playground, we can encourage each other, exchange experience and experience, enhance the interests in exercisers. what is missing in the ointment is simply going around on the playground. Stopwatch clock timing Running in circles tends to make the exercisers feel boring.

Stopwatch clock

Stopwatch clock

2. Roads, With the rapid development of urban construction, more and more highways, land and dirt roads are becoming less and less. The road as a running exercise Stopwatch clocks timing The place is the most accessible. The roads to the district, the roads to the district, the roads passing through the office and so on, are almost all roads that we come into contact with every day. Road surfaces level, more straight , less bend, suitable for uniform running exercise. However, the road surface of the highway is hard, the impact on the ground is relatively large, it is easy to cause foot pain and knee pain; and pedestrians and vehicles come and go on public roads, if they are not careful, they are prone to traffic accidents. So, when running on the road, run as close as possible to the roadside. When choosing the road to run and exercise, it is better to choose the section with pedestrian sidewalks, or the pedestrian section around the residential area, which has fewer vehicles and less traffic lights, and avoid the main road with heavy traffic flow. If you have a traffic light while you're running, I need that Stopwatch clocks to time. When waiting for the traffic light, adjust your breath and do some stretching exercises. Don't stop at the traffic light, which can damage the viscera easily.

3. The park is more suitable and everyone likes it Hold a Stopwatch clock and time it A place to run. Because there are more flowers and trees , mountains and water, and fresh air; the landscape in the park is much more pleasing to the eye than the playground . Here not only can the body relaxed, but also the mind and mood will become relaxed and happy. There are plenty of roads to the park, flat concrete roads, rugged stone paths, and slopping roads built according to terrain. In the park you can choose your favorite road to run according to your own preferences . Because running in the park is more relaxed, some people like to run at the same time. Watch the Stopwatch clocks time Listen to the music and enjoy the scenery of the park. Running in the park is a more relaxed and enjoyable thing to do, and you can take the opportunity to experience the joys of running. There's no lack of Stopwatch clock timing. Check your running posture and movement correctly, in place, so that running can achieve better fitness results.

Stopwatch clock

Stopwatch clock

4. Forests, The air in the woods is fresh, the scenery is pleasant, and it is suitable for running all the year round. Even in hot and dry summer, the air in the woods is moist and cool. Green trees are known as "oxygen manufacturing plants", so the oxygen content in the forest air is higher than that in normal exercise sites, so running in the woods can be a great help to your health.

5. Indoor,If you can't go out for a run because of bad weather or heavy housework, you can do it at home. To have Stopwatch clock. For running. Indoor exercise is not necessarily a need for specialized fitness equipment such as treadmills. Having 56 square meters of space are enough for exercise; if you have the feeling that you can't run away, you should simply do in-situ running exercises. Stopwatch clocks timing 30 minutes of exercise can achieve the same effect as outdoor running.

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