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she even took out a sports stopwatch for Fan Kexin to pinch the time. She found that Fan Kexin's late course deceleration was obvious. This is also Fan Kexin gave Shen Shixi beyond the fundamental reason for the opportunity

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With sports stopwatch for van can be new timing

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On February 21, Beijing time, the Sapporo Asian Winter Games short track speeds skating competition entered its second competition, with the Chinese short track team winning two gold medals, Wu Dajing and Zang Yize winning the gold medal of 500 meters for men and women. As the women's 500-meter-long dominant event, Wang Meng closely watched the Chinese team's race process. While watching the women's 500-meter final, she even took out a sports stopwatch to time Van Kexin. 

Wang Meng first congratulated the Chinese team on winning today's gold medals, and was pleased that the women's 500-meter gold medal did not fall. Talking about Fan Kexin losing another gold medal in the women's 500 meters in the competition , Wang Meng reviewed the race and gave encouragement to teachers and sisters.

be semi-final tactics the best option? Yesterday, Wang Meng saw South Korean star Choi Minjing as China's biggest competitor in the women's 500m event. In the semi-finals, Guo Yihan, Zang Yize and Cui Minxia, Shen Shixi split in a group. In the match, Guo Yihan suppressed Cui Minjing , did not give the opponent the opportunity to speed up overtaking , blocked the Chinese team's most important competitor in the final door. However, Guo Yihan also lost the qualification for the final. 

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Wang Meng pointed out that it is reasonable to play some tactics in short-track projects , and needs to pay attention to some collective cooperation. However, Wang Meng suggested that such a tactic is not the best tactics , " We beat the strongest opponent , but we did not qualify one player, the equivalent of a change." The best result are that both of us in this group can make it to the final. After all , the women's 500m event is still our dominant event, so many years of Asian Winter Games did not let the gold medal next to the fall. The pursuit of perfection reflects Wang Meng's personality. 

In the final , Fan Kexin's speed drop was obvious. Without Cui Minjing, China's main competitor in the final is another South Korean player , Shen Shixi . Fan Kexin's strength dominates, and he preempts the first position as soon as he starts

For most of the game, Van Kerr was in the lead. At the end of the bend, Shen Shixi had physical contact with Fan Kexin when he tried to surmount. Both men failed to score because of the foul. 

Wang Meng is very concerned about this final , waiting for this broadcast early. During the game, she even took out a sports stopwatch for Fan Kexin to pinch the time. She found that Fan Kexin's late course deceleration was obvious. This is also Fan Kexin gave Shen Shixi beyond the fundamental reason for the opportunity." 

I don't think Fan Kexin is in the best shape. The whole competition , her speed difference is big, gave the opponent to surpass the space. Wang Meng said . As to why Fan's deceleration is so obvious , Wang Meng stressed that it is difficult to draw conclusions of a bystander's point of view , and that Fan Kexin needs to analyze the problem and find out why.  

The following women's 3000 meters relay a semifinal, Fan Kexin appears to fall down. Fortunately, the Chinese team was not affected, and still reached the finals to be held tomorrow. Wang Meng believes that there are many factors of falling down in a race, and that there is no need to be too hard on Fan Kexin." there may be a lot of reasons for falling down on an ice rink. Technology, ice rink, ah, are possible." After all, I got through and there's still a chance to make up for the next game. " 

In SocHi , where Wang Meng was injured, Fan Kexin was seen as Wang Meng's successor. The Sochi Winter Olympics and the Asian Winter Games, Fan Kexin with the women's 500-meter gold medal. 

For Fan Kexin to be able to pick up the flag of short track team, Wang Meng gave his own suggestion," first of all, we still need to train things well, strength is the fundamental." In addition, in the competition, there should be a show of domineering, regardless of whether the opponent is Cui Minjing or Shen Shixi, they must dare to raise the beam, not their own stage fright. " 

For Fan Kexin's future, Wang Meng gave more affirmation and encouragement." in the women's team, Fan Kexin is still the most capable, whether Wang Meng, Zhou Yang or not , she should carry this flag ." Also hope the coach can give her some help , (Fan Kexin ) after all is still young.

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