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Easy use stopwatch strictly every time, then spend the rest of the training time in the gym, In addition to strength training, but also especially for older athletes who, at the time of aerobic exercise do not ignore the movement stopwatch

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Age growth, how to set stopwatch running goals

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Hen wood 45 years old now coaching the New York Hen wood Hounds running club, and is one of the highly competitive arena of the city's finest masters athletes. For example, last year, he broke the stopwatch at 5K on a hill in Harlem. Although his primary task was to train his athletes, he still liked to mix in local competitions. We asked him to make a few suggestions for his peers.

Using stopwatch can make runners want to achieve better results and faster speeds, which is not a big secret. Those who adolescence at a very high level race, obviously in the 40 -year-old's time will create new achievements. However, the vast majority of players are not former Olympic athletes. In fact, athletes only discovered their potential in later life." You actually found that many Masters are 40 Duo age score of the game better, because they are sometimes more than 20 and 30 years old have more time to do the really serious running training and strict timing using stopwatch.

 Easy to use stopwatch

For athletes strength training has increasingly become the norm, known as the elite like Jordan Kazakhstan race known to fight weight. his most athletes will perform strength training and cross-training, regardless of their ability levels. with muscle Quality continues to decline, usually around the age of40. As the age of athletes increases, the importance of strength training increases.You need a 70 -year-old man, give them some strength training, and the recruitment of muscle fibers is huge, but they It may lose it quickly. My runner is about 60 years old and can only run 3-4 days week.
You must use the stopwatch strictly every time , then spend the rest of the training time in the gym, In addition to strength training, but also especially for older athletes who, at the time of aerobic exercise do not ignore the movement stopwatch, because it gives us the energy of formal training. In particular, it is recommended to build aerobic fitness on machines other than treadmills. This method is very useful for runners who plan to join more intense interval training and threshold running because it allows the runner to build basic fitness without hurting the road by hitting miles. 


With elliptical trainers and fitness stopwatches, you can work very hard to keep your heart rate up and keep your lungs healthy when you reach an external heart rate watch. If you do not use it, it will be harmed anyway, but if you do more cross-training in advance and use more stopwatches, the damage will be less.

 Easy to use stopwatch

Worrying about your efforts, not your pace is an unavoidable fact that becoming master athlete is that it may take longer to shape, which is why in the early stages of the training cycle, priority is given to training during the training period. Know the effort instead of trying to run at a specific pace, or perform specific segmentation during interval training,Runners should allow themselves to establish stopwatch timing plan during the first few quick workouts Keep your concerns about time later in the training cycle.


Whether you find running in the 60s or you are a former world class wrestler, shaping is a transcendental experience. So, embrace it." Nothing is more ran up the hillside difficult to run, breathing after four or five times, you have to recover and talk to your teammates, that's why I let the first be running, holding stopwatch coach athletes master the most encouraging thing is that people They continue to maintain their motivation throughout their lives.


When I was in my twenties, I didn't think I could be one of those slow old people after I became an Olympic athlete I wouldn't continue to do this," he said. " Then suddenly, I was wrong. I found out that I needed to compete with myself. It made me keep the stopwatch and move on.

 Easy to use stopwatch

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