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Doug her wants to hold track and field stopwatch and run eight laps a day on a 4.5-mile sports field. In the summer, he and Jordan are often accompanied by a 8.5-mile race with Carolina alumni.

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Track and field stopwatch test warm-up

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Now at the university and professional level, 12 minutes of running with stopwatch is no longer implemented. There are endurance runs. The coach chooses the sprint job to test the. I believe that the shorter distance can be better applied. In the game. Football players need to use to train at least 8,000 meters a day to maintain their vitality. From college teams to FIFA referees to players in the top leagues in Europe, they need to train themselves frequently. This spring, a friend is famous. The head coach of the Italian football club discussed the health together. They found that training to achieve health is very much a need for rigorous training. He suddenly asked the trainer about the team's content for judging health status, and then they all shared I realized the importance.

The coach who continued to use the track and field stopwatch test in North Carolina from 2000 to 2003 , I still think that there is a long-distance running place that can reach the ultimate training ground, maybe because I like it. But I think its spiritual aspect is a challenge. As an athlete, I like to use the track and field stopwatch for long distance running challenges.

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In North Carolina, Doug her wants to hold track and field stopwatch and run eight laps a day on a 4.5-mile sports field. In the summer, he and Jordan are often accompanied by a 8.5-mile race with Carolina alumni. They all use the to test the 12-minute game to see if they can maintain the status. They indicate the 12-minute warm-up match. This requires a strict timing test of the track and field stopwatch. This test is not only to produce the athlete's VO2 maximum, it produces A sense of fear and a sense of accomplishment. For test such a difficult thing, no one wants to distortion, so you run more. When you feel good about tame tests, you also want to run more, sometimes even more than your kinematics.

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Many people compete for the standard of the in the treadmill test . After they hate the 12-minute race, after several years, they continue to learn to prove the importance of the need test stopwatch preheating. A person's health level, the easiest to collect through the results of a 12-minute run, can predict a longer life and a healthier life. His pilot study showed that the middle-aged men and women with the highest quintile of the test had After the criticism load of about 6 laps for men and 5 laps for 5 regular sports fields. This test would reduce medical costs and reduce this. The risk of heart disease and other chronic diseases after illness.

I recently tried a mini test with my friend Hunt. When I was in high school more than ten years ago, my running could reach 8.75 laps at a time. When I was struggling to run on the track at Temple University in Philadelphia, I didn't expect to reach 8 points, I felt why this training earned a near-popular reputation for its difficulty. This means that the is your own enemy. No matter how fast you run, it will not end soon. It is also difficult for you to make an unlimited number of breakt hrough track and field records. The 12 minute test test preheating always means first Try a 12 minute effort.

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