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1000/800m race, the stopwatch that records the speed of the boy will reach 3 minutes and 17 seconds, stopwatch of the girl will reach 4 minutes and 08 seconds, then it uses the stopwatch test the basic sports ability of the human body.

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Stopwatch with Track and field running

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Nowadays, most of the running must be the majority of students in the student era, not the sports specialties. Many people believe that when student, mediocre sports teams, sports hardship perhaps whenever 1000/800 meter running, I saw the coach hand held stopwatch came to send a lot of people struggle even more. In retrospect, quite a bit of the past is not worth looking back. At that time, we have grown up and become family. Now, we not only fall in love with physical exercise, fall in love with running, but also buy a professional, and become a practitioner of an active and healthy lifestyle. Why were we devastated by the 1000/800 meter test, but now we are a strong runner? This is a topic of appropriate interest.

So what is the method used by foreign countries to test student endurance? In the United States, the main use of incremental load reciprocating running stopwatch countdown , the test is in the 20-meter interval, let students continue to run back and forth with the music rhythm, add 1 level load every 1 minute, the faster the run, until the students can not keep up with the rhythm The test is stopped, and then the student's endurance is tested according to the number of grades completed by the student. It is remarkable that such a test does not let the students go crazy as soon as 1000 meters, but gradually transitions from low intensity to high intensity, better experience, risk. Also lower. Are we going to learn more international test methods?


It is impolite to say that China's 1000/800-meter running competition that has been implemented for many years must be severely scored with, which may be related to endurance, but from a scientific point of view, it is impossible to accurately reflect the level of human endurance. This test, that is, speed endurance, not aerobic endurance; said so much, in fact, not enough image, let's calculate the speed of the corresponding of 1000/800 meters in the national student's physical health norm , let's understand why 1000/800 is not endurance, it is faster than speed.

If you want to get the full score in the 1000/800m race, the stopwatch that records the speed of the boy will reach 3 minutes and 17 seconds, and the of the girl will reach 4 minutes and 08 seconds. The running teammates should know what the two speeds are. The 3 minute and 17 second time speed is now fully running, and the anaerobic energy supply is relatively high. Even if it is the running master of the whole campus, how many can reach this speed? Even if you run at this speed, I am afraid that it will not run for a few minutes, and soon it will be agile and slow due to the accumulation of lactic acid. Even if you run at a speed of 60 points, the boys will reach 4 minutes and 32 seconds, and the girls will have to reach 5 minutes and 43 seconds, but the requirements are still not low. In fact, anyone who knows a little track and field knows that in many track and field events, What is the most difficult project, not 800 meters! Why is the short 800 meters the most difficult item in track and field competitions?


Everyone knows that the speed is sprinting and sprinting, while the 10,000 meters, the marathon is the endurance, the 800 meters is in between, and the demand is fast, but the demand is strong enough to persist, if you Run 800 meters at a speed of 100 meters. You usually can't breathe when you run two or three hundred meters. If you run 800 meters at the speed of marathon, your speed is too slow. That's why the 800-meter run is very difficult. It requires players to have strong endurance. This is why the students regard 1000/800 meters as a difficult reason. Because of the last four hundred meters until the end, the tired feeling, the kind of body Muscle soreness, ass unawareness, lower limbs like lead, difficulty breathing, and feeling of inability to breathe, it is really sad, painful! Of course, there are coaches who hold the stopwatch and record that you dare to run slowly and fail. It is also the most risky time for people who usually lack exercise.
As long as China chooses 1000 meters male/800 meters female in the world, this is one of the norms of the for students' physical fitness. Objectively speaking, there is significant development trend in the physical testing of Chinese students. Why do you say that? 1000/800 meters is not a long-distance running, but belongs to the middle-running field. We know that long-distance running ability can reflect people's endurance level. 1000/800 meters is not a long-distance running, so use it to test people. The level of endurance is, using the wrong way, which means that the 1000/800 meter endurance test method for students who have followed the country for many years is actually a relatively significant logic.

1000/800 meters is not the best way to test physical fitness, then it uses the to test the basic sports ability of the human body. The 1000/800 meter records that running is also the actual test of the body's anaerobic exercise ability, perhaps called speed. Endurance, which is about the quickness of the, in other words, you have to run fast, the effect of the is to make you run slower together. 

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