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Holding stopwatch, Owens stopwatch on the input speed of 4.43, the other stopwatch speed input 4.44. Owens' 40-yard sprint was recorded by the Atlanta Falcons who took over the Julio Jones stopwatch.

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Stopwatch records 40 yards dash within 4.43 seconds

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Traer Owens, a 44-year-old professional footballer, holding stopwatch, was thrilled when he spent the training camp with the Seattle Seahawks. He took the to show off and said that it was faster because She was eliminated six years in the last NFL roster. Although he is away from football and closes in his 40s, he says he still uses the in a 40-yard sprint .

On Monday, Owens called the coach to use to record his 40-foot dash video, and made an impressive time for his age man. Owens on the input speed of 4.43, the other speed input 4.44. Owens' 40-yard sprint was recorded by the Atlanta Falcons who took over the Julio Jones.


Although Owens has entered the NFL with young people from the San Francisco 49ers in 1996, he has not used the seriously for a long time.Tested his running speed, but the Hall of Fame has proved that he can still run quickly.

After a long period of time escaping from the limelight, it was no coincidence that another recorded Julio Jones's presence in the 40-yard sprint. Falcon's star receivers have already worked with Owens during the offseason because they tried to negotiate a new contract for Jones, which has always caused the Falcons to watch the speed of the stopwatch.


The fact that the stopwatch he ran with Terrell Owens recorded disturbed frontline players," Atlanta Daily, constitutional reporter Orlando Radebett said recently in a radio show at 730 am in Charlotte. "In fact, He was rejected and he felt uneasy about the entire Brotherhood. It also made them a little upset. So once he returns, they will have to repair some fences. Without a doubt, this is a very quick runner. This is already a record of the many times.

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