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The stopwatch was a second ahead of the race, followed by rally at 24:03. Then at the finish line, it was announced that there was a problem with the automatic chronograph stopwatch, and they used a manual stopwatch backup to recalculate the time.

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Double entry stopwatch record day

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Kalil broke the Pacific Northwest and encountered a record in the 100-meter hurdle, The stopwatch speed was 14.95 seconds. It was the first player in the area who could finish 15 seconds in any case. The  was fully automatic. It was In the first race of the day, that is, the 100-race preliminary race, this means that there is a chance to get a better  score in Tuesday's Group I final and take a good step in the right direction. Say.

She noted the 100 meters and 300-meter steeplechase final training run yet, Gibson said, "must hold up. There is work to be done, the Red Devils four groups in nine minutes 54.21 seconds in the stopwatch beat Kadena within the time set last year 10:01.85's Pacific Northwest Pass. In 2014, the American School of Japan established the Old Far East Meeting sign for 10:02.21.

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We don't expect to do that. Their coach said, but if we did, we would be very happy. The Red Devils coach Luk Voss said that after Katzber and Stoneball had finished 3,200 relay races, The split electronic for the whole season was 2 minutes and 30 seconds, and it was faster. We said it could happen, but we didn't consider  record, said the Red Devils.

The girls are now shining, They are full of confidence in their abilities,Other athletes set a record on the Pacific Northwest on Monday or are close and hope to improve their scores.

There was no controversy over the victory of Tieskov. The initially showed that Canada's Sven team won at 23:53, the was a second ahead of the race, followed by rally at 24:03. Then at the finish line, it was announced that there was a problem with the automatic chronograph, and they used a manual backup to recalculate the time.

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After recalculating the time, Twicksoff won at 23:50, followed by Tuft at 24:05, 24: 06 got it. This did not discuss with the Garmin department of Tuft or others, which seems to indicate that the original era was correct. Either way, Tverstorf will take over the yellow jersey of the second-stage champion Jack Burke, but he left a bad taste in Taft's mouth and he refused to participate in the podium.

"After Giro, I was sick and I didn't touch the bike, so I'm not sure where I was," Tuft said. "But I am close to this mark, and there back to life, I think that time records with the original stopwatch keeping time record of 23:53; now it's just a mess, once they begin to appear all these magical  timing numbers Nobody knows what happened. It's disappointing, but it's life. Tevestory is now 21 seconds ahead of Robles, followed by Burke for 22 seconds and Britton for 34 seconds. These are all clocked It is a subtle difference.

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