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She always held stopwatch for more practice in the game , after a long day of competition. The 9th grader Morgan Ecker, Senior Michelle Passe and Junior Hannah Lamkin ran Eagan's second 4x400 relay in the first three legs.

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Running stopwatch flourish to end

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For those who prefer that the stopwatch game of Natalie Windels who ended her high school career is a career intolerable way. But Windels didn't. Yes, this leg is gentle enough. She needs to record for Hamline University's national party at the weekend. The wet weather in Saturday's final was not ideal. She has promoted not only competition but also excellence. She always held and said that her finals in the 100-meter and 300-meter hurdles were the best in her life. She won the personal record.


In the career's record, she was 42.21 seconds and then repeated with 300 obstacles to become a state champion. The referee's records this sport. She earned a score of 14.35 points for a 100-point hurdles race, which is her fastest speed. She also ran the fastest anchor leg in the 4x400 relay and moved the Wildcats from fifth to second.

For a long time, Roger Graham, the head coach of the women's track and field team in Eagan, may have made the most important and important comment in his career six years ago. At the time, seventh-grade student Wenders always used this to practice. In the show, the athletes started training in the 800-meter race. Graham coach said, let us use the sports stopwatch to test you in the obstacles . I am here now. She said after winning the 300m race.


Wenders has won at least one national obstacle race for six consecutive years, including 300 AA championships in the past two years and 100 year old state champions. As sophomore and a third year student, she is still in a long jump. Wenders said that her technique was completed in the 300 obstacle preliminaries on Friday, but she still created her personal innovation record. If she can record again, she is confident that she will win another state championship.

Windels ranked seventh in the best position among the 100 obstacles. This year, she always held for more practice in the game , after a long day of competition. The 9th grader Morgan Ecker, Senior Michelle Passe and Junior Hannah Lamkin ran Eagan's second 4x400 relay in the first three legs, completed in 3 minutes and finished with stopwatch score of 55.48 seconds. In the preliminaries on Friday, the Wildcats had barely reached the final after the relay.

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