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Race stopwatch, so I chased it," Bernstein said. Qualify for the match in Shippensburg: "If you look at my face, then you will know it is not pretty. Sometimes I close my eyes when I'm running fast, The referee will use stopwatch to record. I did it today

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Ethan Bernstein's stopwatch race

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Ethan Bernstein ran his life Wednesday night, but don't take our big digital stopwatch to say that taking him is the. "This is the best game I've ever run in my life," Sokanden said. He said after winning the 3,200-meter class 3A championship in the 11th District 2A Athletics Championships at Whitehorse Sports Center.

Bernstein was charged with the power of Zeus, Apollo and Mercury raising from a distance of more than 50 meters, defeating Colin Cramer of South Lehigh and Joy Ozga of Easton in the stopwatch of the game. 9 minutes and 34 seconds to win. For the Leopards, this is the best choice for the individual and is the first time this spring in the lehighvalleylive region.

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It held the PIAA Tournament next week in Septsburg from May 25th to 26th. In each game, the top two players, 2A and 3A men won national qualifications. The old Saucon Valley coach Ed Kolosky foresees In the final round of the intense rally, "I told the Ethan in a practice game yesterday with stopwatch that he had to run for 62 seconds to win the race," Kolokki said, holding his stopwatch. It reads "62".

Bernstein overcame terrible legs and terrible memories to achieve his amazing victory, "My legs feel sore and feel lactic, he said." In last week's Colonial League champion Colin broke remember this this week. That kick is not my plan. I just want to stay in the top team,But the game began to form last week - Kramer and the leader, Bernstein struggled - until Leopard found some unlikely assistance.

What saved me was a child from Parkland,” Bernstein said. “We passed each other, but we all realized that we had to stop the pass and help each other to resume the game. This helps me get in touch with the leader. "In an amazing distance." At a distance of 300 meters, I realized that this may be the last 3,200 times that I ran in my life, and it was also the shortest time for the, so I chased it," Bernstein said. Qualify for the match in Shippensburg: "If you look at my face, then you will know it is not pretty. Sometimes I close my eyes when I'm running fast. The referee will use stopwatch to record. I did it today. When I opened them to Colin, who finished second, won another country and Joey was there, I broke the record of the stopwatch . "Then they don't burn like a Bernstein incandescent lamp to win lifetime race.


The first key passage of Pen Argyl junior is the finish line of the 300-meter intermediate obstacle in the 2A class. Lob crossed the obstacle before everyone won the second district championship in the 300m hurdles. The second standard, Lobb, crossed the timeline. The referee's records that he scored 40.66 points. This is the third best time in the Lihaweili area this spring. This is the first time he has run below 41 seconds. He is the fastest time record in the

"I really want to enter the 40s," Loeb said. "Once I started the game, I would concentrate and not notice anything around me until at the end I saw the stopwatch at 39 seconds and 10 seconds. I said to myself, "OK, if I launch this, I It will be in the 40s. “

Non-track types can hardly consider such a timeline as a huge achievement. After all, Loeb ran a 41.39-second in Whitehall's Colonial League final last week , and the second gap was only 0.73.

But for Loeb, this small difference will not make people feel too much. "It's hard to explain," he said. "Imagine becoming a football player, a running back, averaging 50 yards per game. Then you hit the game 75 or 80 yards. It's a very difficult thing - it's like it's really hard to put down time." I hope I can run to stopwatch high of 39 seconds ,” he said. "This may have to wait until the next grade - or maybe next week."

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