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Summer in the ocean, and winter in a frozen blisters. In order to practice the gallbladder, Meng Qingyu came up with all kinds of strange tricks, such as taking the children to the deserted night road and practicing Gaoqiao diving.

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1972 Nian 21 -year-old Meng Qingyu with this stopwatch on behalf of Qitaihe involved in the 1500 -meter race and strive for the championship! 3000m race, championship! There are 5,000 meters championship! From time to time, Xu Jichun, director of the city's sports team, was impulsive. At that time, he transferred Meng Qingyu to the Municipal Sports Commission as a coach. At this time he had his entire and ordered him to pick up a group of potential children in primary and secondary schools. Develop a team of speed skating teams.
Soon, Meng Qingyu selected more than twenty boys and girls about 10 years old. All are children of poor miners and poor peasant families, and some children have not even seen skating. However, Meng Qingyu was full of determination. He said: “The miners’ children are free-range and do not care for those stinks and weaknesses. They climb mountains and rivers, and ostriches catch fish. Most of them have developed a pair of Scuds. They can have fun and be bold.”

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In order not to delay schooling, stopwatch was set up every day from 4 o'clock in the morning to training, summer in the ocean, and winter in a frozen blisters. In order to practice the gallbladder, Meng Qingyu came up with all kinds of strange tricks, such as taking the children to the deserted night road and practicing Gaoqiao diving. In order to strengthen endurance, Meng Qingyu bicyclist with  to do long-distance zip training, bypassing a circle of up to thousands of kilometers. On one occasion, the youngsters rode and rode and suddenly found that Meng coach did not make any progress. He quickly looked back and found out that the coach found out that he was fainting in the deep ditch on the side of the road. His arm was half a foot long and he held the record. The  of training , blood and direct current, bones are revealed. The children cried and they knew the coach was too tired.

However, as long as a few months of the ice year, the children's degree of training is difficult to make great progress. With the full support of the city, Meng Qingyu led the children to “enter” the provincial ice base in Harbin. Rented in a shabby cottage with no water, toilets inside. Yang Yang's mother was brave and went to Harbin to cook for the children. One year because the funds could not be put in place for the time being, Meng Chingyu had to borrow 30,000 yuan from Wang Meng's father . It was the home of the Lao Wang family in advance! In Harbin, training is more bitter and more tired. But he also often used his favorite  . At 10 o'clock noon or 2 o'clock noon , Meng Qingyu led the young players into the ice rink. Since the ice base is prepared for the national team and the provincial team on the dwarf, the dolls in the Qitaihe can only wait for the big brothers and sisters to rest and sleep until they are able to insert the air into the ice.

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1986 Nian 1 month, the first national children's Speed Skating Championships held in Mudanjiang City. Qitaihe as 15 -year-old girl Zhang Jie, she won the men's 500 meters and 1000 meters, the 1500 rice and other five titles stopwatch is recorded, 16 -year-old Xu won the women's group to record 1500 meters champion, silver medals There were more than a dozen children picking copper and Qitaihe who entered the top six, and the Qitai River was suddenly disturbed. In the late 1980s, Meng Qingyu noticed the short track speed skating that had just appeared on the world ice stadium. He realized that the sharp opposition and uncertainty of the short track would make it a wonderful work for the world's ice and snow sports compared to traditional trail speed skating. He resolved to let my little players, especially girls, turn all the way to the short track. Proofly, this is a very predictable decision.
On the 50th birthday of Meng Coach , the children, you were a dollar and I, and secretly prepared a public shape cake for the coach . The following reads: “The coach has worked hard!” Meng Mengyu, the tough guy, wept and he started like an old hen. With your arms, you can dedicate all your children together. Unfortunately, the hero’s road is sometimes inescapable. 2006 Nian 8 Yue 2 in the morning, Meng Qingyu car from Qitaihe left and went to Harbin ice base. After colliding with a large truck on the road, Meng Qingyu died on the spot and was 55 years old

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