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He took a lap and Dong took out stopwatch and put it on the ground. slipped around in a circle, initially sitting on the ice with a butt. Dong looked at the work of the stopwatch , God, the speed can still be running!

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Stopwatch with Olympic Dream

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I found a newspaper two years ago. There are reports below that the U.S. Winter Games , which often used stopwatches to stop running training, won five gold medals. I look silly. I was 12 years old that year, and I counted on my fingers. By the age of 20, I will be able to participate in the Winter Olympics that year. The prospect is too gorgeous! With such a dream decision, in the second year, he participated in the national youth speed skating competition and won three gold medals in one fell swoop. Unfortunately, he soon suffered training fracture because he was too focused on the work of the stopwatch during training. After several years of coaching, I was discovered by my younger brother and Wang who was 8 years old. Wang father is a down-hole worker who is often angry and often supports his daughter’s studies in a “domestic violence” way. After skating, Ma  finally looked at Pharaoh and he was impressed by Pharaoh's.A humble woolly bun was so taken out of his home and made a world championship. 
At the age of 15, she participated in the county sports meeting and ran out of several sporting events. One day, took her down the gate the next day.On the eve of the national speed skating competition in 1986, Coach and the 19-year-old soldier were determined to wait for the gold medal.Unfortunately, in a training, the player who was behind the game Suddenly he fell, his sharp knife tip penetrated deep into her knees, and his youth was broken! put his championship dream solemnly on the shoulders of the children and he was almost madly thrown into the task. "The sun than the black, cold than ice hard. ”

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The hour was a wild boy who rushed out of flowers and was paid off by the second generation coach Dong  On one occasion, he circled around the blisters on a blizzard ice field. After a lap of 250 meters, he took a lap and Dong took out stopwatch and put it on the ground. slipped around in a circle, initially sitting on the ice with a butt. Dong looked at the work of the, God, the speed can still be running! participated in the National Ice Games and won 3 gold, 1 silver and 1 copper. The eight-for-one team saw the outstanding achievement of the black boy and wanted him, but the province did not let it go. was mad at running home to get married. This run missed the future and had to be the coach who loved the all day .

Thin eyebrows long head, high fiber show. When he was 13 years old, he participated in the city competition. He fell down on the first lap of 500 meters. Coach was tearful and the flung away. In the second year, in the city's mixed skate skating competition between boys and girls, was a blockbuster and won five championships. The soldier was happy to shout and scream in the snow, and he fell a big butt-daughter. Wang took the world championship and met her and asked, "Han coach, I took the world championship. Can you use this title?" 
This is coaching staff, a particularly capable battle. The team, a team that embraces the dream of the Olympics, a team that has gone to the future and continues to the future.

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