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There are many different ways to set up heart rate training program for smart watches, If you can understand the principle of heart rate watch training, then it is more complicated.

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Athlete uses heart rate watch to become king of endurance

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If you can understand the principle of heart rate watch training, then it is more complicated. There are many different ways to set up a heart rate training program for smart watches, but they are always the same - they all use the principle of "training in the heart rate zone where the group wants to watch."

Set your watch's heart rate training program, but the bigger one is called 'humility'. In September of last year, I decided to use the heart rate meter as my initial training attempt. Actually, a few weeks before I started training, I would almost certainly keep it. I was doing a four-hour training on the base of endurance in advance and insisted that my heart rate was 121-131 beats/min. I suddenly heard someone behind me whistling. I glanced over my shoulders and saw a kid riding a car. Old and broken, in front of a camel pack, the 'Lian Si' brand tour bus surpassed me. Then I saw the pair of slippers he wore.


In the first 30 kilometers of an important competition, did you feel that you had exhausted your strength and it was difficult to step on your foot? This kind of desperate feeling can be caused by many reasons, such as race beat too fast, energy, water supply is not abundant, perhaps the track can climb too much ... but the culprit practice is the lack of endurance, which is precisely Heart rate watch training can compensate for defects. 
What you need to do is unknowingly persist. No, it is not an anesthetic, but it means "long intervals." A two-zone ride and a two-hour three-zone ride for 3-4 hours per week will increase your endurance quickly. On this basis, you can add some long pauses to help you improve your stamina and speed more effectively. 
This is exactly what you are good at, and his expertise in endurance training. He advises those who think that there is no plan for long interval training to improve endurance. Many riders are riding a small amount of dross. This is really amazing. In fact, you only need to find a balance between training interval and heart rate interval, and that's enough.

I have to be frank: I have been doing various kinds of over-training in my entire life. In every sport, I overtrain, I have experienced numerous injuries and poor athletic performance. From the beginning of a few years ago, I learned to train more intelligently: when the strength is high, the strength is increased, and when it is tight, it is time to indulge. Prior to this, it seemed as if I was not so clear about the difference between strength and hurry. I know that low-rate cycling is actually a great benefit. It can help me recover from the damage caused by high-intensity training. Make sure you have one day off every week, and one day insists on cycling in one area or even lower. 
One of the common reasons why you can't control yourself in slow cycling is that you ride with some faster riders. Many riders go out on bikes with the club over the weekend, and they always want to follow the faster drivers. In that case, they can require 5-6 talents to recover, so their training cannot be stopped.

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When you become weaker and stronger, your heart and lung function will become stronger, so you can do more with the opposite intensity. That is, at a predetermined heart rate, riding at a predetermined interval will take you less time. A well-known aerobic test can be called the "test for maximum aerobic capacity," pioneered by the famous heart rate watch. It is an ineffective way to prove the success of your long summer training. 
The current test can show any degree of decline, and at the same time it can detect if you can over-train and potentially risk your illness. It is advisable to choose a road that can be completed in 30 minutes, warm up, ride at a certain heart rate, and time yourself. "It's best to choose heart rate watch that is in your base training range and stick to it. Whether it is in this test or the current retest, stick to the opposite heart rate range." This kind of aerobic strength is usually At your maximum heart rate. 
Stop the test during the current period and use the form to record your training status. You can test it once a month. Too frequent tests will not reflect your improvement in an effective way and will depend on the data. However, if you do not have a live-time test, you can miss the benefits of some tests, such as the potential for injuries and over training.

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