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We should improve the ability of the competition. Track and field stopwatch In the aspect of mental state, we should eliminate the unstable factors and ease the fatigue state. We have strong self-confidence and desire to win.Turn the track and field stopwatch to the highest No matter what difficulties you encounter

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Use Athletics Stopwatch Training plan

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Use of track and field stopwatch annual training plan

I. objectives of the annual plan

First of all, the specific absolute evaluation of indicators should be clearly listed.
In sprint events, the range of 100 meters that may be updated during the year is about 0.5 seconds. Track and field stopwatch result based on on 200m in 0.5o0. 8 seconds, 400 meters in 1-1.5 seconds, this is for the high-level players. Junior high school students and high school students put their hopes on them.Track and field stopwatch To a greater extent. Furthermore, as a relativistic evaluation, it is possible to rank in the competition With track and field stopwatch Set goals and combine them with training to improve motivation. Therefore, absolute evaluation has a stronger sense of achievement than relative evaluation.

II. Physique objectives

Posture: height, weight, chest circumference, fat thickness, etc.
Strength: grip strength, back muscle strength, leg muscle strength, flexibility, longitudinal jump reaction speed.
According to constitution, testing, medical examination results, set specific goals.

Three、Tactical target

Psychological aspect: strengthen psychological training, put an end to the phenomenon of abnormal play in major competitions.
Adjustment aspect: through each round of competitions Use track and field stopwatch To improve performance gradually. The content and proportion of preparation activities to achieve the competition goals should be reflected.
Identify sectors for each training period

In the composition of the annual training plan: preparation period, competition period, post-match transition period

track and field stopwatch

Objectives for each training period

1 preparation period (strengthening phase)
As a general stage of preparation, it is necessary to improve the overall physical fitness.
Develop strength, endurance, speed, skill, etc in a balanced manner. The intensity of training should not be too great, but the amount of exercise should be large.
In theory study, we should improve the understanding of training knowledge. In terms of psychological preparation, calmness and calmness during this period is very important to cultivate motivation for learning, especially 85 are the intrinsic motivation,Such as the interest in the content of the exercise, etc. The training environment should not always change the external conditions such as temperature, humidity, pressure, Track and field stopwatch Internal conditions such as coaches, training Stopwatch.A means, method, etc
Physical fitness tests, medical examination, grasp the status quo, the development of training embroidery.
2 match preparations period (intensive training phase)

As a special preparatory phase, Track and field stopwatch General physical training as the basis to improve the item of physical fitness. Speed, technology as the center, increase technical training. Exercise to load changes in quantity of quality. As a psychological preparation, consciously avoid excessive fatigue caused by the reaction to the load during the preparatory period, Track and field stopwatch Improve the quality of will to overcome difficulties, and gradually implement some psychological demonstration relative to the competition. Due to the improvement to the environment, Track and field stopwatch will make Sports performance will improve rapidly, so pay close attention to intensive training and other environmental changes. 

track and field stopwatch

In late training, before the big game, actively participate in some of the competition is not very fierce. The results achieved during this period are important to future games.

Pre competition period hold, adjustment stage
Adjust the good athletic state, and through training, keep it, track and field training to  plan.
In order to achieve the expected results form this period, it is necessary to gradually increase the intensity of training, the diversity of training content and the appropriate number of matches. The main purpose of this period are to play in important competitions Track and field stopwatch Get good grades. Use participation in other competitions during that period as a training tool.
During the first half of the competition period,Use track and field stopwatch Don't be afraid to lose, accumulate experience in comparison, and apply it to important games to achieve better results.
As an important factor of technology, it is possible to play competitive ability stably under any circumstances. Therefore, we should improve the ability of the competition. Track and field stopwatch In the aspect of mental state, we should eliminate the unstable factors and ease the fatigue state. We have strong self-confidence and desire to win.Turn the track and field stopwatch to the highest No matter what difficulties you encounter, you will not be discouraged.
Do not arrange for more than two days of complete rest before the game.

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