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Track and field stopwatch coach" active track and field Movement Attitude "is this a long-running career response?" Track and field stopwatch Anyway, the side coach always responds quickly.

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Coach's Track and field stopwatch basic skill

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Track and field stopwatch nine full marathon are using 

I've run nine marathons.Using track and field stopwatch.. My running skills, my confidence, all come from the instruction and instruction in Bian Da ching coach.We use Track and field stopwatch. When the coach was young, he mainly attacked men 800, 500 meters, retired to the Hebei track team to coach the middle and long distance running, retired, catch up with the rise of domestic running fever, the side coach will not be idle. In the words of the coach himself, "I hope I can use the rest of the heat. Track and field stopwatch meeting Upgrade one The overall level of amateur running in the provincial capital. " Sure, he's a provincial track and field coach Track and field Stopwatch He is more than enough to teach us to run. In real life, he is more like a mentor on the side of the track. He is a famous teacher who is admired by the citizens of the provincial capital and hopes to have a chance to visit.

We used to talk about running, and we all talked relaxed. Counting, this is the first time a more formal interview has taken place. A track and field coach.With a Track and field stopwatch There is a sense of speed in the bones, the coach has a strong sense of time, everything goes forward Track and field stopwatch The speed, the more accurate expression, perhaps, is that there is a precise planning and response to things that are within your control, which I call it. Track and field stopwatch coach" active track and field Movement Attitude "is this a long-running career response?" Track and field stopwatch Anyway, the side coach always responds quickly.

Track and field stopwatch

Let's start with the first one. Boys who run a lot want to find one. Track and field stopwatch Match speed is equal, live also not too far girls to run together, I nearly 5 years of running, really did not find such a heterosexual runner, once in the race to talk about this, the side coach to give Track and field stopwatch In 2008, you had to deliberately touch the last run to meet such a running partner. Yeah, day after day, running along your dogged running path, how do you meets your favorite running partner?

And second, as we all know, the pace of long distance runs is slow and fast.Use Track and field stopwatch Very important, after a period of practice, I basically maintain the frequency of more than 190 per minute. I just feel like I'm getting easier, but I don't know how much progress I've made. Once, I went to see Coach Bian, he looked at my stride frequency data, said, 3 steps Track and field stopwatch per second, you run very fast. You see, every day choked Track and field stopwatch on track staring at their players training, the eyes are really extraordinary. Coach is.Use Track and field stopwatch. Sometimes, I think, what does running Track and field stopwatch to bring? Positive track and field attitude are also a kind of it.

Running is really popular with home now. A track to run a marathon, in addition to conquering one track, many runners also harvest health and happiness. Happy running requires more scientific running. Coach Bian in track and Field in He bei Province Track and field Stopwatch Do long-distance running coach, teaching style to focus on special, physical fitness, technical flow known. After retirement, he still loves his beloved track and field career. On weekends, he will be invited to attend training camps in provincial capitals to share his years of running experience and experience.

Running is hot at home, particularly want to coach about running Track and field stopwatch.

The front foot is the mainstream running method, the magic lies in the front foot pedal that gives the body the strength to roll forward. The other two methods of running are also used by athletes in the world Track and field stopwatch But not the mainstream running method. If you hit the ground with your heels, if you step out of the ground, you will still have the upward force. Track and field stopwatch It creates a reaction that is not conducive to moving the whole body forward. The principle of running is the alternate forward movement  towards the feet to ease the reaction to the ground. Which way of landing varies from person to person.

Track and field stopwatch

That's not absolute. Fat people can also run happily. Running or not is the concept that weight can put pressure on the knee, but running ability depends on the runner's lower limb strength and physical coordination. From this point of view, although some people are heavy weight, he has the ability to run, running is not a problem ah. That's for sure Hold on Track and field stopwatch At the beginning of the year, people that had just started running should stick to the principle of gradual progress, a little increase in running capacity and a little confidence in their own running.

See how fast you have to run, 8 minutes run a kilometer, basically no warm-up. If you want to challenge yourself faster than usual,Track and field stopwatch Be sure to warm up before running. Liu Xiang, like Liu Xiang, has to take two hours to warm up and move his whole body before the race. Warm-up action must be in place, otherwise no effect, this point must be borne in mind. Also, remember to stretch after running.

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