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Its non-dihydropyridine representative drug, diltiazem, is more selective to the heart. smart bracelets use scope and function are also more obvious.

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Through intelligent bracelet detect heart rate

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Through intelligent bracelet detect heart rate

heart rate Bracelet There is also clear guidelines on control in the hypertension guidelines. In general, it is recommended that patients with high blood pressure have a heart rate Intelligent bracelet Should be controlled below 75 beats, so heart rate in patients with hypertension smart Bracelet Do not follow the heart and desire, there is also a "standard"!

So, like the questioner's question, we vision less Intelligent bracelet How did you controls your heart rate?

First, remove the pathological inducement.

smart bracelet There are many factors that induce heart rate increase, such as general pain, fever, chest tightness, shortness of breath, etc. smart bracelet Heart rate increases. Secondly, there are many diseases that cause the heart rate to increase. Common hypertension by heart failure, hyperthyroidism, infection and so on. Take it. Intelligent bracelet Intense running Both cause heart rate increase, so removing incentives is the basis for heart rate control.

Second, avoid external stimuli

There are also many factors that can stimulate sympathetic nerves to cause heart rate increase. Common factors such as staying up late, getting angry, worrying, smoking, drinking, drinking tea, etc., can also cause the heart rate to increase because of the increase in sympathetic tension, so, Avoiding these undesirable stimuli would also lead to Intelligent bracelet 

smart bracelet

Heart rate drops, Three, weight control

Obesity, which is also one of the reasons for heart rate acceleration, is very simple. The heart is an engine, and the bigger the load on this engine the heavier the weight, the faster the heart rate is, the more work it does, so, the weight control, and so on. It's also an effective way to slow down your heart rate.

IV. Receptor blockers

Receptor blockers are one of the most commonly used drugs to control ventricular rate. The common representative drugs are betaloc, bisoprolol, carvedilol, etc. smart bracelet Control of ventricular rate, and because of its unique role, not only in hypertension, in coronary heart disease, heart failure, arrhythmia also widely used.

Calcium antagonists

Calcium antagonists also have negative frequency and negative conduction effect, which can slow down ventricular rate, and its non-dihydropyridine representative drug, diltiazem, is more selective to the heart. smart bracelets use scope and function are also more obvious.

Sinus node function inhibitor

The main representative of sinus node function inhibitors is the new drug Evasbradi dine, which is used in sinus rhythm patients that cannot use or tolerate beta blockers or whose heart rate is still not up to standard after the use of receptor blockers, because it is not long before the market. Its use has not yet been fully popularized.
In fact, the heart rate control of hypertension Intelligent brace it is also clear that it can improve the prognosis of patients with hypertension, so the heart rate of hypertension is controlled Intelligent bracelet It also requires our attention.

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