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Group gym stopwatch exercises. Don't stay in between. The few seconds you watch the fitness stopwatch walk are the time to rest, press the fitness stopwatch to time or write down the time shown

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Use stopwatch get gym speed up fat burning

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Use a stopwatch to get to the gym to speed up fat burning

1, Practice more legs

Buy a good exercise fitness stopwatch and run to the gym so that leg muscle training can not only increase leg muscle volume, strength and endurance, but also stimulate the secretion of body growth hormone, thereby regulating the coordination of muscle growth and development throughout the body. Groups, muscle mass is the key to basic metabolism. As your muscles grow, your metabolic capacity increases, which helps you burn fat more effectively.

Not necessarily with the help of a coach. Squatting with bare hands, jumping boxes, or climbing steps are fairly good and moderate leg exercises, and you can try to add them to your exercise schedule. If you want to go even further, using the backpedals plus is also a good option.

2, Science shortens rest time

The interval time of using the fitness stopwatch is as follows: the interval time of practicing large muscle group should be longer, the interval time of small muscle group should be shorter, the interval time of doing basic action is longer, the interval time of isolated action is shorter. Like three basic actions: the barbell squat, the barbell push, the hard pull, all belong to the compound movement, the participation muscle is many, the energy consumption is also many, therefore when carries on the heavy weight training time between the group space should be many, Set up at 2oC 3 minutes. Such as concentrated bending and other isolated movements, participate in fewer muscles, consume less physical than the basic movement, the interval between groups can be shorter, set up in 30 seconds ~ In one minute. But practice smaller muscle such as forearm, all kinds of wrist bend, the movement range is small, only wrist movement, the other muscle almost does not participate in the exertion, consumes the physical strength very little, the gym nasium interval time 10 ~ 20 seconds can.

fitness stopwatch

Gym fitness stopwatch

Suggested to form the good habit of timing, strict control of rest time. When a group of actions are done, press the to time or write down the time shown by the watch; start with a break of 3 minutes and gradually shorten the time every 10 or 20 seconds.

3, Three, if you can stand, you don't sit, you can sit, you don't lie down.

Watching the gym hang out, not against the wall, without the chair, increases the core muscle group and exerts force on the muscle group. So if you want to train, don't lie down if you can sit, don't sit when you can stand, you can train different muscles at the same time, in addition to increasing the difficulty of heat consumption. For example, sit with one hand and bend two heads, change to stand hands and take turns, or ordinary lying sit-ups instead of kneeling rope pull-down and so on.

4, Use fitness stopwatch to practice multiple training movements

The compound training can stimulate multiple major muscles at the same time, add the load to a large number of unrelated muscles, make those muscles have to work together, and the efficiency of fat burning is amazing. In addition to the benefits of training multiple muscles at the same time, the use of gym has the advantage of improving coordination because of the need to cooperate with the various parts of the body. This will help you be more nimble, more pliable, and less vulnerable to injury.

gym fitness stopwatch

gym fitness stopwatch RS 8060

Very effective 5 kinds of complex training movements: barbell / dumbbell push, barbell / dumbbell rowing, barbell / dumbbell squat, barbell / dumbbell hard pull, barbell / dumbbell vertical rowing.

5. Try the high intensity interval training method (HIIT)

While high-intensity aerobic exercise (or high-intensity intermittent exercise) doesn't keep you going for long periods of time, during the rest after exercise, the body continues to burn calories and burn a large proportion of fat in order to recover. It's a great weapon for losing weight and burning fat.

Simply put: after a group of supine push, go to the chest machine to do a group of chest clip, then go to the squat frame for a group of squats, then do a group of upward, and then go to the boating machine to do a group of sitting boating. This will be the whole body muscle training, to set the. The key is to walk to another device immediately after you have completed a group of gym stopwatch exercises. Don't stay in between. The few seconds you watch the walk are the time to rest.

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