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If you have a long-term focus on wearable devices like smart watches and smart bracelets, you should understand that similar products on the market can be basically divided into two extremes

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Smart Watch & Health bracelet evaluation

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This wearable device brand, which has just was born in three years, won the No. 1 global sales of smart watch just a few days ago. Will people look at it in a different light?

Smart watches growth points

Intelligent Watch By what has achieved such a rapid development? To answer this question, we still need to actually experience the relevant products to know. Fortunately, our test room also ushered in the third anniversary of two representative new smart watches and health bracelets. After weeks of continuous use and experience, the review is finally available today.

In fact, regarding the appearance of these two smart wearable devices, we have published a graphic article on the appearance of these two smart wearable devices. Friends who have not yet understood the basic appearance of these two devices can refer to them directly, In view of this, this part of the evaluation of appearance, I mainly talk with you smart watches, after nearly a month of use, the two devices on the aesthetic, durability, as well as wear comfort degree of some new cognition.

Smart Watch

First, if you have a long-term focus on wearable devices like smart watches and smart bracelets, you should understand that similar products on the market can be basically divided into two extremes:
One is a low-end product of rough workmanship, poor quality, simple functionality but also extremely expensive entry. This kind of product often has only the most basic function of timing and warning, basically does not involve the health monitoring domain or has the rudimentary sleep, smart watches the heart rate function. There are plenty of such devices on the market, mostly similar in appearance or direct copycat, and word-of-mouth-used people naturally know it.
The other, on the other hand, has its own family aesthetic, excellent workmanship, solid or even luxurious materials, special wearable systems that support users to install their own programs, and are powerful and smart watches comprehensive. But the use of barriers and prices also naturally rise, ordinary consumers not only see the price will go backwards, even if the real start, may not be able to really use the meeting.

Interestingly, it happens to be in the middle of the two types of devices mentioned above: the smart watch's look, frankly, isn't very delicate, but the white orange look is enough to catch the eye. In materials, the smart watch is made of fiberglass reinforced polycarbonate, a lightweight and high-strength material that has been used to make the headlights of a Nissan sports car, and not to be "extravagant" on a smart watch. But the advantage is resistance to fall, wear-resistant, even if bumps will not fade.

Health bracelet

By contrast, if smart watches tend to be young and athletic, moving healthy bracelets is more like a serious monitoring device. The appearance of medical stainless steel, aluminum alloy and PC plastic is extremely low-key, but the workmanship is not sloppy-the IP67's water resistance rating is enough to explain everything. Of course, it has something to do with the special features of the product.
After a long period of time,find The smart watch and the health bracelet have shown pretty good durability.,There were no visible scratches or lacquer drops on the silicone strap or the fuselage and screen.
Of course, it's a smart watch And The material used in the healthy bracelet itself are not irrelevant, After all, as a long-term continuous health monitoring device, allergy prevention is more important than anything. And easy to fall off the paint, not resistant to sweat, rubber, and so on, of course. From this point of view, after a month of testing can still be "often new", behind the "secret" is actually quite admirable, ButIntelli gent Watch The quality of it, I must admit, it still has "white bitumen," and this point, reflected in comfort of wearing.

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