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Intelligent bracelet Indicates that if your resting heart rate is greater than80Times/You need to pay attention to it. For patients with hypertension accompanied by rapid resting heart rate

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Get your blood pressure smart bracelet did you

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Get your blood pressure and heart rate up to standard! You chose the right one. Intelligent bracelet Did you?

2018Year10Month8Day is the first.21Nos.“National hypertension day” The theme of the campaign is“Know your blood pressure.”. Did you pick up the spy go manometer and notice that there was a“Heart” The little sign? Intelligent bracelet The number shown is the heart rate.

“heart rate”(HRIs an important vital sign measure, Intelligent bracelet display The normal heart rate range is60Times~100Times/Minutes. However, hypertensive patients are often accompanied by an increase in heart rate,10A survey of ten thousand people found that the average number of patients with untreated hypertension Intelligent bracelet Heart rate increases faster than normal blood pressure6Times/Minutes.2017Year5The heart rate map of hypertensive patients in China was released for the first time, in most provinces and cities of China. Intelligent bracelet Heart rate exceeding80Times/The proportion of hypertension patients with the score was higher than that of patients with hypertension.30%, Hebei, Liaoning, Hunan, Guizhou, Guangxi and other provinces over the heart rate80Times/The proportion of hypertension patients with the score is even higher than that of patients with hypertension.

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Heart rate is a reliable indicator of sympathetic activation, and sympathetic activation is one of the important mechanisms of hypertension. Intelligent bracelet displays Increased heart rate leads to a significant increase in systolic and diastolic blood pressure, which increases the risk of adverse cardiovascular events in patients with hypertension.
2018The latest in Europe2018European Society of Cardiology ESC/European Society of Hypertension ESH Guidelines for the Management of Arterial Hypertension>80Times/It is divided into important risk factors of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.
Watch out for the frequent "heartbeat" of patients with high blood pressure!
Intelligent bracelet displays Heart rate increase is closely related to the incidence of hypertension and target organ damage. A Japanese project4331Case study follow-up3Years later, the heart rate group was found to have a faster heart rate (≥71Times/The incidence of hypertension was lower than that of heart rate (≤ 58Times/) increase61%(P<) Italy HARVEST Research pair1103Cases untreated1Average follow-up of patients with grade I hypertension In 2003, people with increased heart rate were found to have increased heart rate (≥85Times/Relative risk of persistent hypertension2Those whose heart rate is much worse than their heart rate (<85Times/). And research shows that, Intelligent bracelet display Faster heart rate can aggravate atherosclerosis or increase micro albuminuria in patients with hypertension. In many cardiovascular diseases, a higher heart rate increases mortality.2018YearJAMASubjournals (Cardiology Community cohort study confirmed Intelligent bracelet Every increases to heart rate5Times/All due to the increase in mortality.13%Increased the incidence of heart failure13%There were also increases in myocardial infarction, stroke, cardiovascular death, non-cardiovascular death, and cancer death.
Knowing your blood pressure and your heart rate!

It is recommended that patients use home automatic blood pressure gauges to measure blood pressure and pay attention to heart rate. Family Intelligent bracelet The frequency of self-measuring heart rate is usually measured in the morning and evening.2Take the mean value. If it is in the morning quiet state home self-measured heart rate can better display resting heart rate.

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Healthy blood pressure, healthy heart rate!

The consensus of Chinese experts on Heart rate Management in patients with Hypertension,Intelligent bracelet Indicates that if your resting heart rate is greater than80Times/You need to pay attention to it. For patients with hypertension accompanied by rapid resting heart rate, the basic diseases and other factors that cause heart rate increase should be checked first, such as anemia, hyperthyroidism, anxiety and so on.
Non-drug interventions such as a gradual increase in physical activity, especially in patients with hypertension accompanied by increased heart rate, should be carried out. Intelligent bracelet Aerobic exercises, dietary intervention, low salt, low fat, low sugar diet. Control weight, quit smoking and drink, should not drink a large amount of coffee and tea; maintain an optimistic attitude, in the face of life and work, large and small pressure, but also need to have a calm attitude, reduce emotional stimulation.
How can hypertension patients by heart rate increases reasonably choose anti hypertensive drugs?
CCBIt is the basis of anti hypertensive drugs, for the general heart rate accelerated patients can choose the third generation of molecular long-term effectCCBBecause of the selectivity of ion channels, The smart bracelet shows this. Their effects on heart rate are also different. Traditional calcium antagonists such as nifedipine controlled to release tablets, felodipine sustained-release tablets, and so on, increase heart rate somewhat, while real molecular long-acting levamlodi pine sulfonate does not increase heart rate while lowering blood pressure. Therefore, it is more suitable for the long-term use of hypertension patients.
Hypertension with tachycardia may be used CCB Joint Receptor blockers or anti arrhythmic drugs. Levoamlodipine benzene sulfone acid Schweid has a low dose, Through Intelligent bracelet, The advantage of good anti hypertensive effect and small interaction between drugs is the first choice of combined medication.

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