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Usually simple stopwatch will be kept to keep the stopwatch running in each race, With the approach of halftime, he will tell the referee how much time to show the stopwatch, minute stopwatch time to complement referees.

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Stopwatch Set to extend the race at the World Cup

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In the World Cup stopwatch join stopping time record at halftime of each race is one of the strange little things football. It is seldom explained, but it seems to be a part of every race that is not missing. In the few minutes after each of the supervised 45 minutes, there will be no explanation, only if you think the is about to run out. Announced. They can be an important factor in any race and it is worth spending a few minutes to understand.

What is the stopwatch toset stop ending time?

Essentially, stopwatch set to stop only time the sport is a way that can help solve half of the race can not be played during the time. Injured, goal celebrations, foul, quarrel, we often use the given time , and so to control can lead to interruption of race. With the movement time, while the real time action does not stop, soccer players need a break race for a long time, and the time of the will lay down to such as recovery time.

How often do you stop the race stopwatch ?

It depends on the decision of the referee and things happen race; Normally, we see at the end of the first half stopped a couple of minutes of the second half ended stopwatch stop time is often two or three times in the first half or more many. The second half had more fouls than the first half and scored more goals, so more normal time was lost.

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Of course, the referees have the right to decide how much downtime the time, because sometimes stop at the end of the race the race is difficult, or sometimes just to delay the race for time referee and the referee can end as soon as possible. Adding wasted time or further interruptions after the announcement time may also cause the referee to further increase the stopwatch time and extend the race. The amount of time the is set to stop is seen as a guideline rather than a hard number.

How to determine the stopwatch time of the race?

There are no hard rules about how to determine the amount of parking time, but there are some different guidelines for tracking things. Normally, the deputy referee will stay on the side of the two team benches to allow the referee to give his opinion, convey the decision to the manager, and supervise the situation. Usually will be kept to keep the running in each race. Mark of. With the approach of halftime, he will tell the referee how much time to show the, and then determine how much time as downtime.
Some referees tend to use more deterministic methods to calculate downtime, providing a certain amount of time for each different type:45 seconds to 1 minute goal celebrations, 5-10 seconds fouls, 15-30 seconds substitutes, It takes a minute and so on for the damage to be treated. This method is not always as accurate as method, but referees can more easily track themselves during the race.

Ultimately, the final given the to set the time entirely determined by the judge. Regardless of the method used to track pause, announced by the time the referee decided that he could announce that he deems appropriate time than the " need " more or less. It 's not surprising to see an absolute outbreak of the in the second half with time of five minutes or longer. It 's just good to get a one-minute time to complement the race because of the absolute pity of the referees.

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