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Senior leaders decided to keep the current stopwatch timer data for new tests, if only to encourage soldiers to incorporate test preparation into their daily workouts and prevent any harm.

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Army Fitness Stopwatch rehearse

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Foreign military often use new for fitness testing, but don't panic, the large stopwatch timer will record the physical test time of the previous years.

On Monday, Army officials announced a new gender and age-neutral PT test that will replace the runners known and hated by the soldiers over the past four decades, and sit-ups and push-ups agreements, and have prepared is recorded.

It is expected that this new round of testing will be implemented soon, because the head of the preliminary military training center told the Army Times in a telephone interview on Friday that this is a one-year field study and we need to fully purchase enough A precision timed designed to determine how to evaluate the fitness test during the new military combat, which will begin in October this year, Major General Malcolm Frost said, will be the new Brought to about 60 battalions of each unit type of the Army.

Frost said: "This fitness test is a cultural change for the military's adaptive generation, and the stopwatch timer will be the cornerstone of individual soldiers' battle preparation, which is very helpful for the Army.

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The scheme used to test the stopwatch timer:

All in all, experts predict that a soldier can be 80% accurate in testing, they also said that this is stopwatch timer test, the new test work and rest rate is also three times APFT, APFT usually Partially disintegrate in sit-ups and push-ups and rest for long periods of time before running. Now, there will be a continuously running that is limited to 50 minutes.

According to past data from the stopwatch timer, the Army has been working on a new PT test record for six years, starting with a baseline soldier preparation study. This work began in 2013 when the service cancel led the expected test after the pilot was completed.

But this idea has not disappeared. The service announced the professional fitness assessment test in early 2017. This is a relatively basic four test. The recruits must now pass this test to determine if they can join the Army and what they can do after they enter.

By 2017, it went to the next step, when the task of the Training and Doctrine Command and the Army Command was that everyone proposed a test based on the professional nature of the combat soldiers, where the test was completed at a limited time and clocked with. The device strictly controls the time spent on testing.

They have the freedom to design test programs and can test multiple fitness areas. APFT has the opposition of fitness experts and only measures cardiovascular and muscle endurance.

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They create all the foundations, from endurance to muscle strength, explosiveness, speed, agility, flexibility and balance. These events are designed to simulate fire activity, load heavy weapons and drag casualties into safety, etc., while testing The time of completion must be strictly controlled using.

TRADOC developed the Army's operational readiness test, which looks very much like the current ACFT, while FORSCOM is driving soldiers to prepare for testing.

Tested in different ways, as commanders use their own to decide and train their own ideology, rather than having individual scores and potential career influences.

Ultimately, however, senior leaders decided to keep the current stopwatch timer data for new tests, if only to encourage soldiers to incorporate test preparation into their daily workouts and prevent any harm.

Although no one in the corner protests are running in battle, the leadership is also happy to keep running.

In summary, the health test recorded by the must test the soldier's skill and baseline health, which is the source of the run.

Frost said that although it is like rushing on the road, such things may make the soldiers breathless, but enough to test their lungs and heart, but it takes more than 50 minutes a day to run and use the to record urgent Running time.

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