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The upper surface of the smart bracelet has a chrome-plated decoration. It seems to be a graded one, but the coating is easier to drop and should be improved in the future.

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Multifunction Smart bracelet evaluation

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Smart bracelet background

I have been involved in various activities throughout the day in the EEPW Forum. Just participated in the Intel moving event, won the award RESEE smart bracelet. I’ve been passionate about running these days, and it’s great to wear it, not only to record miles but also to record steps.
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Smart bracelet walking 16 km record

This smart bracelet introduced in this article is a personalized smart bracelet. As a latecomer, this smart bracelet can stay in the competitive market. Let's take a look at the evaluation of the RS9007 smart bracelet . !

Smart bracelet appearance

This smart bracelet is made of the transparent plastic case, the inner box is made of paper, and the smart bracelet body can be seen directly from the outside, After opening the lid, take out the inner box, and pull out the plastic lining inside the box from both ends. The main body of the smart bracelet is in the upper groove, and the accessories and documents are placed in the lower part of the lining.

All the items include a smart bracelet main body, a wrist strap, a charging connector, a charging Micro USB cable, a guide to use, the accessories look like a normal, and there is not much personalization, the description of the manual is also fairly detailed.
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Nowadays, there are more and smarter bracelets, and the volume is getting bigger and bigger. The smart bracelet is generally curved and looks large and thick. The upper surface of the smart bracelet has a chrome-plated decoration. It seems to be a graded one, but the coating is easier to drop and should be improved in the future.

Smart bracelet accessories

The charging connector is of a snap-on type and can be positioned by inserting the buckles on both sides into the fixing holes on both sides of the smart bracelet.

Installation is not complicated wristband, the wristband inner frame rim ring set into the smart card slot to the periphery of the hand, due to the relatively large body smart bracelet, this design is capable of effectively preventing the body from a smart bracelet wristband Extrusion.

Overall, the design of the curved main body is more individual, the plaid decoration of the wristband looks quite fashionable, and the chrome-plated decorative strip of the main body looks very high-grade, but the smart bracelet gives a strong feeling that it is big and thick. In the small details of the work, it also needs to be further strengthened.

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Smart bracelet function

As a smart bracelet, APP functionality, monitoring accuracy, and endurance are the keys to the experience.

1. The first time you enter the app, you will be prompted to register or log in. The registration is very simple. You can log in as soon as you follow the prompts. The first time you enter the main interface, you will get a better guide. This is better.

2. Although the interface guidance is better, there is no obvious button to add the smart bracelet device, and there is no prompt to open the Bluetooth, etc., after searching the entire setting, it is determined that the data synchronization of the setting page is the interface for adding the smart bracelet. Generally, the new smart bracelet is displayed . Click to connect and bind. After binding the smart bracelet, set the personal data, various reminders, measurement units, alarm clocks and sleep time according to your needs.

3. Special intimate features, calls and information reminders, even if the phone is not at hand, it will not be missed. The premise is that you must open the APP on the mobile phone to set up a Bluetooth connection.

4. You can view the current movement, sleep, etc. through the chart of the main interface. More concise and intuitive in the data summary and statistics display. Click the curve chart in the upper right corner of the item label to switch between the current day progress and the week curve. After the main menu is pulled down, the monitoring calendar is displayed. The red, blue and orange 3 dots are used to indicate the date of exercise, sleep, and diet. The same curve is displayed in the upper right corner to display the data curve of the current month, whether it is interface or switch. The results are good.

5. The progress of the day can be viewed at any time on the smart bracelet. By tapping the screen, you can wake up the smart bracelet screen and cycle through the dial, the movement step, the walking mileage, the alarm reminder, the calorie consumption and the progress of the movement. The screen display is good, but the monitor is too sensitive, sometimes shaking the screen will also light up the screen.

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Smart bracelet evaluation summary

During the week of the experience, it is still obvious that the battery life of the smart bracelet is still acceptable. Generally, it can be used for 40 minutes and can be used for two weeks, Overall, this smart bracelet performance quite satisfactory, similar to the function of the smart bracelet in the market there are many competitors exist, in order to stand out, in addition to lethal in terms of price, in terms of both hardware and software needed Further strengthen.

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