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intelligent recognition of walking, running, cycling and climbing ladders without the need to Do any motion state settings on the app. Of course, the most fascinating kinetic energy is that the RESEE smart bracelet RS9007 has added the Bluetooth headset function

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Brief introduction mainstream smart bracelet

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Current smart wearable devices, users undoubtedly the most intelligent bracelet, while the current market selling smart phone ring including sports GearFitR350, Fitbit Charge HR, Zhuo stick (Jawbone) UP24, RESEE bracelet, RESEE smart bracelet RS9005, etc., then what are the advantages and disadvantages of these hot-selling smart wearable devices? Why is the RESEE smart bracelet RS9007 more interesting? Next, we will analyze and analyze together.

The current user is most widely used smart bracelet

First, let's take a look at the sports GearFitR350. We all know that sports are not the first time to introduce wearable devices. As early as Note3, Sports launched its first wearable device Galaxy Gear, and when S5 was released last year, Galaxy Gear Fit is the most eye-catching smart wearable device. It is a fashion-free device. The curved strip screen is stylish and dynamic. The black wristband can be removed and replaced with other colors. The main functions include personal health (steps). Features such as timers, workouts, and heartbeats, timers, stopwatches, sleep, notifications, media controls, and settings. It can be said that Galaxy Gear Fit is a wearable device that combines the functions of smart hands and healthy bracelets. However, it is not a device with the Android system, so there is no app store, no third-party software installation, and no synchronization. It has hardware such as a camera and a speaker.

 intelligent bracelet

Fitbit Charge HR is a stylish smart bracelet sport, the main features include a heart rate monitor, call reminders, automatic monitoring of sleep, time display and motion data monitoring. The OLED display is used, and the real-time step count can be viewed every time it is lit, but it can only be illuminated for 5 seconds each time. In addition, this supports Apple Android WP three major platforms, Bluetooth 4.0 connection is stable and low power consumption. To say its advantages, it is very intuitive, that is, after the heart rate sensor is added, the data accuracy is improved, and automatic sleep monitoring is supported, and the App has more detailed statistics. Of course, the shortcomings are also very straightforward. The first is that the counting statistics are very inaccurate. Secondly, only the incoming call notification is displayed, and the waterproof performance is not strong.


Jawbone UP24 is a Bluetooth smart bracelet with a streamlined pattern and bumpy edges. The edges are more rounded. However, if you want to monitor the data, you must connect to the phone via Bluetooth and add automatic sleep switching. Features, while smart nap and activity warnings, but fatal flaws also exist, that is, there is no screen display, you must connect the phone, and the standby time is too short.

 intelligent bracelet

The rice bracelet is currently a hot product. It is cheaper to use with Android and Ios equipment. In appearance, the RESEE smart bracelet word is made of aluminum alloy theme with colorful straps. In addition, the RESEE smart bracelet has the function of unlocking the password without losing the password, which greatly improves the user's operating experience. And the battery life can be up to 30 days. Of course, the advantages are finished. The shortcomings of the RESEE smart bracelet are also relatively intuitive. Because there is no screen, the RESEE smart bracelet must be used with mobile phones and App applications, and the old Android devices cannot be connected. Bluetooth must be 4.0 or higher.

 intelligent bracelet

Finally, let's talk about the most personalized RESEE smart bracelet RS9007. The preparation is currently available in gold, black, and silver for users to choose. The metal body with traditional watch processing technology is full of texture and taste. If you want to exercise, the medical grade TPU wristband with IP57 waterproof and dust proof design, while showing the sense of fashion and movement, will not cause the user experience to decline due to the influence of sweat, sports business is not delayed, very versatile. In addition, the RESE Smart Bracelet RS9007 uses the industry's most accurate and leading A+ Gsensor sensor. With the RESEE algorithm, it accurately and intelligently realizes the intelligent recognition of walking, running, cycling and climbing ladders without the need to Do any motion state settings on the app. Of course, the most fascinating kinetic energy is that the RESEE smart bracelet RS9007 has added the Bluetooth headset function. We only need to remove the RS9007 from the terminal to turn the RESEE smart bracelet RS9007 into a Bluetooth headset, which is convenient for users to answer the call.

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