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Have seen stopwatch timer to pull a similar trick by using kinetic energy,stopwatch and more digital watches that do n't need to be recharged, smart watches are not that smart. It is also great for fitness tracking.

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Wear new technology for watches

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It's time for the smart watch fitness tracking industry to do something interesting. We only need so many devices to calculate calories and measure heart rate. Some watches on the market now have very lightweight fitness and "smart" features, but they still attract people's attention. It has a display stop function: it never needs to be charged. ! And with a digital display and accompanying application of watch , you can wear indefinitely, without going through its proprietary the electric technology to find a power outlet, we have seen stopwatch timer to pull a similar trick by using kinetic energy. However, with a notification reminder, stopwatch and more digital watches that do n't need to be recharged, it's really fun, as I mentioned before, smart watches are not that smart. It is also great for fitness tracking.


It has a clock, and stopwatch mode and run mode, it can receive notifications, such as text messages and phone, counting calories, number of steps and tracking sleep, also said custom watch look even more lively, all of which run the watch can be customized On a very light operating system, you can use two buttons and dial-up and navigation on the side of the device. To change settings and access data, you need to use the included Apple and Android app, the watch is not using a heart rate monitor. Instead, calories are calculated, at least in part, by body temperature. Seeing that the body converts heat into energy, in theory it is another way to get a good estimate. Obviously, the body produces 100 watts of heat at rest, and then the number jumps to kilowatts during exercise!
The body's heat makes the watch longevity. It's very cool to never have to charge your watch , it's also great for fitness trackers. After all, if you want to calculate your steps and track your sleep, this is a perfect smart watch. In addition, for long-distance explorers who don’t want to wear their smart watches on the road, This can be very useful. It will also win the favor of the environmentally friendly people, because bio-energy is very clean, for ordinary people, this may sound like a trivial matter, but know that you never need to charge your watch , this is a strange liberation, Even most fitness smart watch es only need to be recharged every few days or even weeks!

Interestingly, just your body heat is not charging the device, but the difference between your body temperature and the ambient temperature. If you run and get hot in a very cold place, it will actually charge your watch with electricity faster . When you turn off the watch, it will enter idle mode and save your data until you It can also see the recorded data when it is opened. Obviously, this electronic smart watch can last up to two years in this idle mode, the performance of the smart watch, therefore, there is not much function except the battery, which may make you expect the watch to be very Doing this well.


The notification function of the smart watch is very basic, and you are really notified that you have a call, received a text message, and who the call is, not what it says. You need to turn on your phone to get the information, then sleep detection, as far as I know, this doesn't work. It should be automatically detected when you doze, and there is no need to manually activate the watch 's detection function, the number of steps will be better, and it is roughly related to what my other devices tell me. The calorie count is definitely a bit strange. I weigh 77 kg and have a body fat content of about 11%. Yesterday I walked 6,923 steps and did 40 minutes of exercise, but apparently only consumed 1,500 calories. This is off, I am at least seeing 2400 calories.
This may be due, at least in part, to the fact that the watch does not detect my sleep, and you burn a staggering amount of calories at night, perhaps because the calories are not enough to accurately calculate calories. If you use it with a heart rate monitor (which will require more juice to power), this will be a different story, and I don't believe the device is actually doing any BMR calculations to figure out that I am at rest How many calories burned. You can enter your details in the app, but it never explicitly asks you. Since I found this option, I have not found much difference.

I like to be able to see the power meter on my watch and tell me how much heat my body produces, but the information on the watch is not really relevant to any particularly useful information. I don't believe it is more than just a gimmick, although it is really cool.

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