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Why do you have to run with sports stopwatch? Running, taking sports stopwatch to go running has become an increasingly popular sporting event, After every run with your beautiful sports stopwatch

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People often use sports stopwatch, emotional intelligence is higher

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Why do you have to run with sports stopwatch? Running, taking to go running has become an increasingly popular sporting event. At the beginning of the run, many people are trying to strengthen their bodies, release stress, cure some diseases, and become stronger.
But they ran and found that running gave us far more than we wanted, using the to keep running, but to surprise us. Running is a self-challenge and breakthrough. It not only strengthens your body, but also delights your spirit. It also makes you smarter and enhances your emotional intelligence. Do you believe?

1. make you feel happy

Many times, when we feel bad, go out and run for an hour, you will feel a lot more comfortable. After every run with your beautiful, you will feel happier, calmer and more focused. This is because the brain is more active after running, so it will feel clearer.

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2. Sports stopwatch increases your memory

The University of Maryland has done such a study. They let some athletes not run for 10 days, then scan their brains and find that the amount of blood flowing to the hippocampus is reduced, and this area is closely related to learning and stopwatch memory, and they are closely related to their Alzheimer's disease.
The study also found that stopping running for a period of time not only reduced the blood supply to the hippocampus, but also reduced the blood supply to the entire head. A decrease in blood supply means that your ability to learn will decrease and your memory will decrease.
In addition, when you stop running, your body will also reduce the production of cathepsins, which is also related to memory.

3. Sports stopwatch  can make you think more agile

Scientists of the sports stopwatch manufacturer have done such a study to find 10 pairs of male twins, let one of them run the at least twice a week, while the other does not exercise. Three years later, by scanning the brain, it was found that the gray area of the brain that runs every week is more developed, and this area is related to the speed at which the human brain processes information.
Obviously, regular can improve brain vitality, including gray matter areas, which can help the brain better cope with stress and aging. Therefore, if you stop running, the gray matter area of your brain will shrink, reducing your brain's ability to process information and think.

Many writers, such as Haruki Murakami, Feng Tang, corporate giants, such as Zuckerberg, Mao Daqing, Pan Shiyi, Yu Liang, etc., all have the habit of running sports stopwatches.

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4. Sports stopwatch can improve your cognitive ability and make you smarter

Many people think that running is a very simple sport and anyone can participate. As long as you put on running shoes and holding, just take your legs and run. But is this really the case, as long as you open your legs, will you run?
They found that at rest, the runner's brain activity is significantly different from other people, and that this difference has nothing to do with the way of exercising. In other words: running can make you smarter.

5. Sports stopwatch  can improve your emotional intelligence and make you more popular

Emotional intelligence was defined in the 1995 book: self-awareness, self-management, self-motivation, social awareness, and relationship management. People with high emotional intelligence can correctly recognize themselves, others and society. In a circle of good friends, you can express your opinions and needs, and you can change your mind and think about each other, so as to establish a mutual benefit and win-win cooperation.

People who love to run together often let you learn to express yourself and understand the ideas and abilities of different people in different situations. They like to use sports stopwatches, be tolerant of others, and have constraints on themselves.

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