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Weekend,He arranged for the soldiers to go out to buy a piece of electronic with the electronic stopwatch function on the wrist. Then? He finds out the Ordinance, Item by item, Record the time required for each activity, Set to countdown,Strictly according to time card table.

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The people's liberation army command, electronic stopwatch, timeout. Others can stop.

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A joint cadre before speaking, First, remove the electronic stopwatch from your wrist, Adjust to electronic stopwatch timing status, Put it at the table.,Only then began to speak. He was called by the regiment officers and soldiers.“Electronic stopwatch” Ru an Changeling.

Early last year, Ru an Changeling, a military officer in charge of military service, Because of his outstanding performance and outstanding performance, he was selected to be a company commander. Just took office, He is full of spirit and high spirits. Determined to work hard at the company commander's post, therefore, The task of the company is very tight, The standard of work is very high.

Just when officers and soldiers applauded the situation of the construction of the company, Ru an Changeling was found to have a habit: Love verbose. Call the name every night,He should arrange everything one by one, Even during the day, I want to repeat it in the evening. Call the roll after a comprehensive exercise, The duty officer just finished reviewing, He went on talking again, Speak in one breath. Thirty Multi minute, Occupied the soldiers wash time; the second day opening meeting  electronic stopwatch, He repeated the highlighted questions again, For fear that the soldiers will be misled.  
electronics stopwatch
Instructor Wang Jun and individual squad leader reminded him consciously or unconsciously, But Ru an Changeling did't care about it, He felt that the construction of the company must have a "mother-in-law", Only in this way can we get "no problem". That's it, A long time, A slip of tongue began to spread in Lina Li:" The sky is not afraid", Unafraid, I'm afraid of three sentences.

9 End of month  electronic stopwatch, The Communist Party branch held a democratic life meeting. In criticism and self criticism, Two officers of the NCO pointed out, Deputy Secretary of the work done too meticulous and broken, Naming, meeting time is too long and content is too full; branch secretary Wang Jun also points out the same problem. At this time, Ru an Changeling realised the seriousness of the problem.

After the meeting, He also specialised in the company's representatives, Collect suggestions and suggestions from them. from then on, He adjusted his work ideas, Serious rectification, Every time a roll call or a meeting is intentional to compress content. reduce hours  electronic stopwatch,Try to be more "wordy". After a period of persistence, The company's work is reasonable,Backbone plays an obvious role,The soldiers' complaints gradually disappeared.

however,Good times don't last long,Ru an Changeling went back to the old road unconsciously.,Every time a roll call, a meeting or a habit is not acceptable. Some soldiers' grumbling sounded again. Wang Jun, the instructor, is keen to capture this tendency.,Again, I would like to sincerely point out the problem to Ru an Changeling.

"It seems that,"No hard bar" can't really change this problem. Ru an Changeling accepted the reminder of the instructor with an open mind. Weekend,He arranged for the soldiers to go out to buy a piece of electronic with the electronic stopwatch function on the wrist. Then?,He finds out the Ordinance.,Item by item,Record the time required for each activity.,Set to countdown,Strictly according to time card table.
electronics stopwatch
Name of the company, He asked the duty officer to collect in advance the problems that the company's cadres need to stress.,Merge similar items,The company commander and the instructor can not speak and try not to speak.,The total time shall not excitement, SurplusFiveThe minutes are assigned to the platoon leader; the company work conference is held.,Collect information from the speakers., The rest of us can talk about it as far as possible., The total time shall not exceeding, roll call, meeting time.,Anyone over time,Others can stop at any time.  
from then on,The electronic stopwatch becomes Ru an Jackie Chan's necessary "secret weapon". The time of the roll call and the meeting was greatly reduced.,Soldiers regard pragmatism and efficiency as the pursuit of work. on this basis, Lina Li also compares regulations and regulations.,Infer other things from one fact,It corrected unreasonable practices such as over-elaborate overall planning of Party branches, unreasonable arrangement of official duties, and illegal occupation of soldiers'spare time.

The company cadres were shut down for a fraction of a second, Grassroots soldiers have more autonomy, They will spend more energy on learning and training.,Yang Jain, sergeant of "wireless guards", Sergeant Ma Xian of "obstacle flying man" and " information daring" have emerged; Sergeant Lou Yugo and a number of training backbone and talent pacesetter  electronic stopwatch, At the end of last year,The company was awarded the "advanced link of the grassroots construction". 

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