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Evanston boys already have stopwatch on the cross-country track. The stopwatch confirmed that the senior Michelin won the championship in the 800-meter race and finished second in the 1,600 of May 19th. The next game coaches were preparing for the stopwatch.

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Evanston Runner Stopwatch

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Evanston boys track stopwatch coach Don Michelin graduated from the school in 1969 and attended Northwestern University. He soon began teaching at Evanston and learned how to use. He began to be the sports coach for track and field in 1981 , followed by his three sons: Xiao Tang, Julius and Brian Michelin. . Old Mickey taught his son in high school, and Don Mitchell is now the coach of the Evanston boy who controls the cross-country  .
Now, the third generation of Evanston boys already have on the cross-country track. The confirmed that the senior Michelin won the championship in the 800-meter race and finished second in the 1,600 of May 19th. The next game coaches were preparing for the  and participated in three sprint races in the Men's State.

Together with us, this is about church or God, family and sports, not necessarily in the chronological order of this, the old Michelin said. We go to church every Sunday, and we are always there for the other, the kind of  for the old Michelin coach , his grandson St. Michael; a woman with  has a different set of coaches, but she said her The grandfather's still affects her and my grandfather still has a lot of influence. North Carolina said that we talk about the accuracy of the sports stopwatch. We are talking about running. I learned a lot from his chronograph.thing.

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Michelin teacher said that he was more sad to his son in the use of stopwatch practice, so he did not give them preferential treatment. When deciding who will watch the and try to participate in the competition, he will let his decide: Whoever it is, I As long as the quickest players have participated in the competition, Michelin seniors say that his wife is commendable for keeping everyone ’s balance of life using the . She is the one who can make everyone work,” said the old Michelin man. Now, this The family is celebrating third-generation runners, and they all watch the saying that he treats his grandson like his son.The race also records that he won the game with the fastest speed in the game. Micklin, who participated in the 100, 200 and 4x100 relays of the Games, said that his grandfather's coaching is special.

"I asked his coach to let me call him Grandpa," said Mikhlin, who always studied the of the game and felt it natural to run for his grandfather. Julian Michelin is qualified to participate in two relay races strictly in the national team. Both of these races require the coach to control the and execute it, but they cannot enter due to injury. He said I would abstain from voting! He grew up on the strictly track and never imagined that one day his grandfather would become his coach and always teach him the small of the race.

Relay stopwatch

Julien Michelin said that his family gave up the discussion that was running on special occasions . They will use to play a few board games or text contests instead of discussing the top time. We talked a lot about the game," Michellin said. "There are many young cousins, so we talk to each other, the, The always records that some families' memories are on the right track, while others are from the stand-up and play a supporting role. Julius Michelin looked at the and recalled that it was a college student who was pleased to see his brother Brian Michelin running the data at the 1994 State Assembly.

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