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Sports stopwatch Practice, therefore it's supposed to be a process that starts with lighter weight, increases the number of times each group reduces by the group until it's close to the weight of the formal group. You can think, if your formal group is doing four 100kg groups eight times,

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Sports Stopwatch Training of Trap

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Use sports stopwatch Fitness is a science. Build your brain first, Fitness also has the function of strengthening the brain, But there's research in this area. Sports stopwatch fact, it has not been very thorough, for example, for the muscle growth that we all care about, how to do the best practice has always been very difficult to determine. But one thing we seem certain about is that the amount of training will be a central factor.
The calculation of the amount of training is a very simple matter. That's the number of groups that are multiplied by the number of times the weight is multiplied. This formula is very useful for our analytical training, but sports stopwatch Training is not that simple. If a trainer who completes a greater amount of training is a trainer who can get better results, then fitness can really only be done with some brute force. What is more advanced than the sheer amount of training. We have to see the negative effect of the amount of training, that is, fatigue, we have to be smarter to arrange it, Try to reduce the amount of ineffective or inefficient training, increase the proportion of efficient training.

sports stopwatch

sports stopwatch

Use sports stopwatch Reasonably warm up

This is a problem I have talked about many times, but I am sorry to have not been very good attention.

The purpose of the warm-up group is to help you better adapt to the formal group. Sports stopwatch Practice, therefore it's supposed to be a process that starts with lighter weight, increases the number of times each group reduces by the group until it's close to the weight of the formal group. You can think, if your formal group is doing four 100kg groups eight times, and you warm up all the way to the 90kg group for eight times, then how much more energy do you spend during the warm-up, and how can you not affect the formal group training?

Doing one group at a time. Sports stopwatch when you practice, you should know very well whether you are doing a warm-up exercise or a formal group. Their training aims are completely different. Only by making clear the difference between the two, can the training be completed more efficiently.

You can test your own two sessions, and the same warm-up time between groups is a way of gradually increasing weight and decreasing the number of times that your formal group will perform better, or will it be more efficient to warm up with a higher number of times. Note that it is important to control the inter-group rest variable to a consistent level. If you have to take longer breaks to do more for the warm-up group, the whole training is putting the cart before the horse and will be very inefficient.
sports stopwatch
If you are afraid that you will not be able to warm up as you reduce the number of warm-up sessions, and if you are afraid that you will not move on, I would suggest that you arrange a little more before the warm-up team begins Sports stopwatch Dynamic stretching and activity exercises, rather than just a lot of warm-up groups to prepare yourself for training.

To ensure that most of the sports stopwatch The number of training sessions are in line with your goals

From the mathematical level to the infinite number of times can be the number of times we use in a training, but for our training goals, different training times range can bring different output. For example, 3-6 times is more conducive to strong growth, 8-12 times more conducive to promoting muscle hypertrophy, 12-15 times more inclined to muscle endurance, which I believe everyone is familiar.
But in addition to trying to follow such points, we can further optimize efficiency. Strictly speaking lower the number of training you do, the higher the unit benefit value you generate each time you do it for example, two times in 10 group sports stopwatch The practice, which is done 20 times, is less efficient than group 2, 10, but that doesn't mean we're going to have a lot of low number of exercises in training. This is more to help you understand the logic that when a range of times fits your personal goals, it seems more efficient to do lower times than to do higher ones.
sports stopwatch
For example, 8-12 times are considered to be the most ideal interval for muscle augmentation, so for the general trainer, It's a smart thing to do a larger percentage of your training with 8-12 exercises. But if you can still know how to do 8 times instead of 12 times in a more important action or know how to arrange 8 times sports stopwatch Those groups tend to be more valuable, Then it is a kind of training understanding deepening.

Make each formal group more effective

The same training program, when you complete the situation is not the same, the problem is not the same. For example, four groups of 10 such arrangements are familiar to you. But if you can use the same weight every time, you can do 4 groups 10 times. Sports stopwatch Training, then that means your training is likely to be inefficient, Most likely, you do a few groups of training intensity is relatively inadequate.

Because if you've had enough training in the first few groups, the chances are that you won't be able to do 10 sessions per group, 10 times in 5 groups, if your training record is:
Note: as a large weight and low number of times, relatively, because the rest between groups is longer, each time (for example, the weight that can only be done twice and can only do three times difference, will be a little more than the difference between doing 12 times and 13 times), the weight difference will be higher. And because the weight is bigger, each time you do it, you have to be more efficient, so you have to do it. Sports stopwatch impact is not as high as the same number of times, so I would prefer to choose to do as much weight as possible, rather than do 10 groups three times, but only once for each of the last five groups.
sports stopwatch
Of course, under different arrangements, the weight that each group should take, the degree of exhaustion we should achieve, for example, 10 times in 10 groups and 10 times in 4 groups will not be the same, and I'm not talking about a rule of death. But I'm sure you'll understand what I want to say, Try to make each of your formal groups more formal than just the formality of completing your training program.
For most of the sports stopwatch Trainer, Inappropriate, inaccurate, insensitive efforts are likely to exist. Simply build up the amount of training as much as possible to schedule the most effective part of the training as much as possible, make a good record of your training, the completion of each training and feelings are written down. See if you've made these mistakes?
In order to help you achieve your fitness goals better, Quidge's newly designed training log is under preparation, effective sports stopwatch Record daily training and weight and diet changes, From every day, change will surprise you.

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