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Middle School, the sports examine es from part of the middle school in Urumqi were conducting volleyball tests. There were far-infrared tests on the scene, and the number of ball bouncing on the electronic sports stopwatch display frequency was beating at any time

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Sports test is waiting for running stopwatch

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tenon the morning of W June, in the indoor gymnasium of the Green Valley Campus of Urumqi No. 1 Middle School, the sports examine es from part of the middle school in Urumqi were conducting volleyball tests. There were far-infrared tests on the scene, and the number of ball bouncing on the electronic sports stopwatch display frequency was beating at any time. Candidates will be able to know their results of the scene.

The examiner Lidia Wyoming Jung skillfully toppled W volleyballs, told, got the full score today, because the examination room condition is good, this examination has played in peacetime trained the best result . Outside the examination room , the leading teacher is waiting anxiously, the teachers say, also do not have to worry, this year exam entire far infrared monitoring, almost no human factors, normally serious training students as long as the normal play, will certainly be able to test good sports stopwatch results
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In the interview, in the examination site, infrared poles, receivers and other high-tech can also be seen everywhere. In the examination room, each corner exudes the" science and technology flavored". In order to ensure the accuracy of the test results, at least five cameras are placed in each venue. However, candidates that question their results can play back the whole process at any time

On the playground , women's I'm and men's I'm sprints are being tested . When entering , each candidate will have a chip card , and all candidates ' information will be on the chip card . The examiner starts from the starting point , the induction blankets that they step on giving a signal . At the end point , the terminal's induction blanket receives the signal . When the last candidate in a group arrives at the destination , the message sheet automatically receives all the information and prints out the results of each candidate on the spot . In order to avoid machine power , or malfunction , a teacher with a sports stopwatch to play a double-insurance role .

In the examination room , he met a dark man , Wang Jinxing , head of the sports test group of Urumqi Middle School in W . Ramanujan W toted April W , about W students in Urumqi completed this year's physical test in six test rooms , meaning that teachers working as examiners had to work hard for W days in the sun . Wang Jinxing told , this year the sports test required results " zero error " .

In the W-meter field, Wang Jinxing said, this is a difficult point in the middle school physical education test. It is necessary to examine the speed of the examiner and the running skills. Compared with other sports, there are far fewer candidates with full marks, and the boys play better than the girls. Hopefully, when he gives some advice to future students, Wang Jinxing said he hopes that children will start exercising as soon as possible. On the one hand, they can improve their physical fitness and on the other hand, they can ensure good physical performance.
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City W examiner Eleanor? "No one thought of the W meters of the HKCEE," said Olduvai. "We began to practice all the drawing items at the beginning of the first day of the year. After we decided on the drawing items at the end of March, we concentrated on training for one month." I think this model is very good, can guarantee full physical exercise. After going to high school, my sports achievement is obviously good, the physique also improved. " Examiner Lou Pyongyang, Lou Hanging, a pair of twin brothers, also took part in this year's middle school exam. In the volleyball test, the W-meter test and the W meter test, both brothers achieved the best results of their usual training, they said. On the one hand, thanks to the new site conditions better, play well, but also thanks to the usual follow the strict training of physical education teachers sports stopwatch.

This year, W students chose volleyball, W chose basketball and W chose football. Wang Jinxing said that the average candidate will be based on the previous year's examination and scoring criteria to choose. According to the examination results of these three years, volleyball is the best and the most selected students.

In the course of the examination, ball sports stopwatch are more likely to foul, if foul, candidates will have two test opportunities.

In the course of running, if a candidate falls down or has a sudden illness, which affects the performance of the exam, he can also recover after the exam.ten Take another exam on April W Th.
running sports stopwatch
Taking into account the recent examination situation, Wang Jinxing said it was clear that the examiner's physical condition had improved this year, proof that schools and parents were paying more attention to sports. But also have individual examiner W meters and W meters very laborious, W meters test, some examiner took W minutes to run down unexpectedly, such state, the individual subject is apparent to have no achievement, also have individual examiner because of obesity, achievement is also not ideal.

As far as we know,nine On W June, W middle school students in Urumqi began the physical examination test for the middle school. The first middle school green valley school in Urumqi undertook the physical examination center for the middle school for the first time this year. It is also the largest physical examination center in the middle school of Urumqi.

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