Intelligent heart rate Bracelet scheme

发布时间 : 2021-07-08

Why do you take heart rate monitoring in the active ring?

Heart rate is one of the most commonly used and simple and easily measurable indexes in active physiology. Whether it is physical illness or fitness exercise, exercise training, are necessary to determine the intensity of activity. Heart rate is a stressful reference to balance and calculate the intensity of activity.

The heart rate in the running process, reaction running strength, strength, energy metabolism and oxygen depletion and accumulation of lactic acid and body fatigue and restore etc.. Therefore, we can take the ratio of head up as a measure of running to control the intensity, density and amount of running, so that we can achieve scientific results and achieve the best results.


It can be said that taking part in heart rate monitoring in intelligent mobile rings does not increase a selling stunt, but to promote the group costs of such products. Although the active heart rate monitoring effect is opened, the power consumption of the bracelet will shrink much more than the unintended effect of the ring. But a slight inspection will not be difficult to invent, but the smart bracelet that is deployed for a professional fitness equipment must probably have the same effect of intentional efficiency.


Where is the intelligent heart rate hand ring?

In the past, the most professional heart rate monitoring set up equipment deployed to remove medical institutions, the most commonly used is the heart rate band. With the heart rate essentials is directly worn on the chest belt around the use of this product, trusted users think is a city, once the range is too large, probably in the relatively large activity in the scene using the time becomes very convenient, especially for female users pay. The heart rate zone is easy to give birth to the displacement, which may cause a large deviation to the result of heart rate monitoring. And the innate portability of the smart bracelet has a greater upper hand with the monitoring of the time and place.