Children's smart watches: parents can be real-time monitoring

发布时间 : 2021-07-08

Filip Sten Kirkbak once and son lost 30 minutes, and this made him worry unceasingly. Although soon found the son, but this experience made him an idea, develop a device to keep the relationship between parents and children. So there will be a FiLIP to Sten Kirkbak son named wearable devices.

Someone want to question, keep in touch with children, not just on a cell phone? But before the immature child sensible, many parents don't want children have cell phones, after all, mobile phones may influence learning, also easy to lose. FiLIP Sten Kirkbak team development is a simple smart watches, easy operation, simple function, has realized the parents most of the requirements. FiLIP with GPS and mobile phone functions, to the parents by mobile phone APP, you can locate the position of the child, real-time monitoring