In July 8, 2017 ISPO and sharplysaiwith the wonderful scenery | ended

发布时间 : 2021-07-09

The ISPO SHANGHAI 2017 Asia Events & Fashion Show ended today. This year's exhibition brought together more than 10 countries and regions from around the world, 572 exhibitors, and 668 world-famous sporting goods brands exhibiting their latest and most distinctive exhibits.

In this three-day period, the customer's tide of the sharp race was not stopped and the audience was enthusiastic.


This time, we would also like to thank the service of ISPO. In the end, we would like to thank the staff of the exhibition organizer. You don't have any venues or booths for preservation, let this conference shine, and let us have a close contact with our dear customers. Hereby express our gratitude.

ISPO SHANGHAI 2017 has come to an end, but Sharp Race/RESEE never ends !