Smart watches are banned in the examination room to prevent students from cheating on smart devices.

发布时间 : 2021-07-15

This summer, because of the fear that they might be used to cheat on smart watches, students would be forbidden to wear watches in the exam. The principal of the national examination department will tell all schools to prevent students from wearing watches in the examination room to prevent them from looking for answers. They have to put any watches on the table. In front of them, it is easy for the invigilator to find any suspicious behavior of the students.

The so-called "smart watch" - access to the Internet and stored information - has been banned from taking exams, but now worries that students may be defiant of the ban because they are not declaring their watches as smart watches. For those who are not familiar with the technology, it is difficult to distinguish this difference because many smart watches can have An ordinary bell.


In addition, some students think that some students may have hidden the answers under the watch. The joint committee, which oversees the national examination rules, has incorporated the new rules into its guidance, which represents all the examination committees in the UK, which means that the rule will apply to every school, which in a statement is "hand". The list can be used in the examination, but all students must take it off and put it at the desk before the examination begins.

Before starting the examination, the examiner must make sure that the examinee has taken off the wrist watch and put it on the desk. Last month, it appeared that some students were trying to read the analog clock, only using digital equipment, which was also watch, monitor. The team has conducted a survey and found that unified watch with networking functions is placed on the table until the examination is completed and the watch is returned to the examinee.