The future of the smart ring can be like this again

发布时间 : 2021-07-15

So far, scientists have developed an intelligent hand ring that can automatically detect adverse physical factors to protect themselves more safely, and smart rings can also scare the attackers and seek help. When it is detected that the user is in danger, it will be programmed to make a loud beep, and the red flash begins to flicker in an effort to scare the attackers and warn other people in the neighborhood.

"One of the major challenges for attack prevention is that during the attack, victims often have no convenient way to seek help," said Ragib Hasan, an associate professor at the University of Alabama (UAB) in Bermingham, America. "Whether you call 911 or use emergency alert applications or devices, these tools require the user to press the button to seek help. This is usually not possible, and violence is happening, or if a person is unconscious because of an attack, "Hassan said.

Smart bracelet is currently a principle. It uses machine learning and multiple sensors to analyze the actions of users so as to detect it when an attack occurs. Once the smart bracelet is detected, users will be in danger. It will give a loud beep and red flashing lights to frighten the attackers and remind the people nearby.

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The device then connects to the user's smart phone by Bluetooth, and immediately sends the emergency message and the coordinates of the user's location to the emergency personnel, and the contact list is predefined to the user through the mobile application.

The bracelet contains a small microcontroller equipped with gyroscopes, accelerometers, temperature and pressure sensors, GPS and microphones. UAB graduate research assistant Jayun Patel said: "these sensors allow bracelet to constantly collect user activities and vital signs. "It can also determine the direction of the user, for example, whether they are standing or lying. Machine learning algorithms can detect and distinguish regular movements of users and unexpected and sudden actions, which can indicate aggressive behavior, "Patel said.

Although the bracelet is mainly used to detect attacks, the elderly or disabled people can also use the smart bracelet to automatically detect sudden falls or other dangerous movements.