New technology for wearing watches

发布时间 : 2021-07-15

Now is the time for smart watches fitness tracking industry to do some interesting things. We only need so many devices to calculate calories and measure heart rate. Now some watches on the market have very light fitness and "smart" functions, but they still attract attention. It has a display stop function: it never needs to be charged! And watch with digital display and accompanying applications can be worn indefinitely without looking for power outlets through its proprietary thermoelectric technology.We all see the stopwatch timer pulling similar skills by using kinetic energy. However, with notifications, the stopwatch and more digital watches that never need to be charged are really interesting, as I mentioned earlier, smart watches are not so intelligent. It is also suitable for fitness tracking.

It has a clock, and stopwatch mode and running mode, which can receive notifications, such as SMS and phone, calorie, step number, and tracking sleep. It also indicates that a customizable watch looks more active, all of these watches can be customized, very light operating systems, and you can use two Dial and navigate on buttons and devices side. To change settings and access data, you need to use attached apple and Android applications.The watch does not use the heart rate monitor, but at least partly through the temperature calculation calorie, seeing the body transforming the heat into energy. In theory, it is another way to get a good estimate. Obviously, the body produces 100 watts of heat at rest, and this number jumps to kW when it is moved!

The body's heat makes the watch live long. Never charging your watch is cool. It's also good for fitness trackers. After all, if you want to calculate your steps and track your sleep, it's a perfect smart watch, and it may be useful for long distance explorers who don't want to wear their smart watches on their journey. It will also win the favor of environmental groups, because bio energy is very clean for ordinary people.It may sound like a small thing, but knowing that you never need to charge your watch is a strange emancipation, even if most fitness smart watches only need to be charged every few days or even weeks!


Interestingly, it's your body's heat that doesn't charge the device, but the difference between your body temperature and ambient temperature. If you run and get hot in a very cold place, it will actually charge your watch faster. When you close your watch, it will go into the idle mode and save your data until you open it, and you can see the recorded data next time. Obviously, this electronic smart watch can last two years in this idle mode, the performance of the smart watch, so there is not much function besides the battery, which may make you expect the watch to do the work well.

The notification function of smart watches is very basic, until you are really notified that you have incoming calls, received SMS, and who is calling, not what it says. You need to turn on your cell phone to learn the relevant information, then sleep detection. As far as I know, this situation does not work. It should be automatically detected when you doze and do not have to manually start the detection function of the watch, the number of steps will be better, and it is roughly related to what my other equipment tells me. The counting of calorie must be a little strange. I weigh 77 kilos and the body fat is about 11%. Yesterday, I took 6923 steps to do 40 minutes of exercise, but it obviously consumed only 1500 calories. It was closed, and I saw at least 2400 calories.

This may be at least partly because the watch doesn't check my sleep, and you burn an astonishing number of calories at night, probably because the simple calories are not enough to accurately calculate calories. If it is combined with the heart rate monitor (which will require more juice power supply), this will be a different story. In addition, I don't believe that the device is actually doing any BMR calculations to calculate how much calories I burn at rest. You can enter your details in the application, but it never explicitly asks you. I haven't found much difference since I found this option.

I like to be able to see the power meter on my watch and tell me how much heat my body produces, but the information of my watch is not really related to any particular useful information. I don't believe it's not just a gimmick, though it's really cool.


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