Can smart watches save lives?

发布时间 : 2021-07-15

After years of research and development, smart watch supplier has finally launched an intelligent watch designed to help save lives, which customize watches for many military factions around the world. Professional watches with gas sensors can detect the lowest level of this lethal gas and issue an alarm warning. Strict design is used in the oil and gas industry,Many of the detection systems, for safety, can use watch instead of a worker's pinch vest, or in addition to a worker's pinch vest device.

Watches remind workers and track the toxic gas of oil drilling platforms and other natural gas / oil field workers. The alarm system aims to warn any threat by flashing LED indicator on the dial and audio alarm at high volume -96 dB. The watch also vibrates as a third warning sign. The automatic alarm system runs all three warnings simultaneously.


This smart watch is synchronized with applications on smart phones. In addition, the wearer of the watch and anyone who follows the wearer can also connect to the intelligent network, which connects the alarm transmission and provides the geographical location in real time. Gas detector watches can be transmitted directly to the control room through smart phones or smart networks.It will also transmit the user's name and other information, his or her location at the scene, the gas concentration and the exact timing of the alarm. This is aimed at shortening the response time between H2S leakage and emergency response time. The H2S detector of personal watch is miniaturized to adapt to the interior of watch and use the latest electrochemical sensor. The watch has passed all the global safety testing and warning equipment standards, including RoHS, FCC, ISO9001 and CE. These certification marks are engraved on the back of the watch's shell. The instrument is advanced in technology and can be used in conjunction with other sensors.

The watch can be designed to replace sensors and batteries, and battery and sensor life end indicators are attached on the back of the dial. The watch can work normally at temperatures of -40 degrees Celsius to +50 degrees Celsius.