Common features Fake watches

发布时间 : 2021-07-15

Two things will never surprise me. First, when people buy high-end watches from unauthorized dealers like eBay, they ask if they are genuine or fake. The second is the vast number of so-called "experts" websites that find fake watches even if you don't know how to find them.

There are two types of people buying fake watches. First of all, those who want the feeling and appearance of watches but can not afford them, The second is those who often buy watches and are often deceived into buying fake watches, or more bluntly deceived, Those who can get a little help from me. Every year, I will set up a conference on the detection of counterfeit watches for the National Association of watches and collectors.

Think you can't be fooled by fake watches?

Fake watches can appear more frequently than you think. It is often heard that an expensive brand-name watch is fake and purchased as a birthday gift at a shopping website abroad. Ahead of them, they saw their fake watches with good reviews. The seller said it was "100% real." Take a look, wait.

I regret to say that this is a cruel fake. This is a perfect example of how to find a fake watch made at will. The core of the fake watch is a poor watch chip. If the watch is a real high-end and expensive watch, it will be a high-end shape and quality.

We may recognize this cheap fake watch immediately. But watches on the market are flooded with more serious fakes. In these cases, it is more difficult to detect the surface replica of the watch with naked eyes than the original copy. In transactions, we call them "super fake". Here's an example: Some real high-end luxury watches offer multiple bids over $4,990 on the official website, can you tell if it's not true?

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Fake watches:

In my other information, I'll detail how to identify fake Rolex and Penahei watches so you don't confuse them with real luxury watches. But let's start with six common myths about fake watches, which may convince you that you buy real watches when you buy fakes.

True and false watches 1: fake watches are lighter than genuine watches.

Fake watches! Today's counterfeiters can easily produce watches of the same weight. What about? Well, they use the same copy action as the original manufacturer or second source copies. Therefore, weight is no longer acid test.

True and false watches 2: making fake watches is not complicated.

You will buy fake watches that will never work. Indeed, in many cases they do not. But many luxury watches do not have any complicated functions except dates, which may apply to fake watches. Therefore, spontaneous tests usually do not help separate the fake from the real.

True and false watches 3: for example, fake watches Rolex's date bubble is not enough to enlarge.

It used to be the one-eyed giant, and Rolex's last date was not magnified 2.5 times on the fake Rolex. It's no longer hard to forge. I have seen many fake Rolex watches with the right magnification. I will not rely on it as a test product.


True and false watches 4: true movement means real watches.

Have you ever heard that the movements of fake watches will never change? How bad it is. Nowadays, most watch brands are purchased from the world's largest mechanical movement suppliers. Counterfeiters can now buy Chinese or Japanese copies or actual movements from second-hand goods. Let's take a look at how similar copying action looks. Which of the following is a real watch and which one is a fake watch? They look very similar, don't they?

True and false watch 5: don't look at the gift horse in your mouth.

There is no free lunch, is there? Traditionally, luxury watches are gifts. Well, that may be close to the truth. But the real watches are inherited and sold. If we all abolish inheritance, it may be an expensive mistake. This is hardly a clear test of the real discovery of the impostor.

True and false watches 6: all watches on Craig's list are fake.

Which is the statement? Probably not, to tell the truth. I don't recommend looking for high-end luxury watches on third-party shopping platforms on the Internet. Fake watches were genuinely fake 20 years ago. You can take a look at the watch, and then quickly confirm that it is a fake watch. However. As manufacturers'technology increases, counterfeit watches become more sophisticated, and counterfeiters replicate their technology. Today we have super fake products. We need experience and knowledge to detect them.