You often sport, do you want to know what time would be good for running is?

发布时间 : 2021-07-12

Known, a lot of people use the method of running thin body, but you know, in the different time of a day, what happens to run thin body effect is also different, that one day to the end that a period of time is more appropriate?

1. Run in the morning

Running after the sun rose the best, this is due to the early morning the sun rises not perhaps just rises, the lack of plant photosynthesis, oxygen concentration is relatively low, and through the night of city waste piled up, the air quality is relatively poor, is still of sports training again after the sun rises. This time the sun be the spirit rising, and this time the sun be the spirit is still very tender, traditional Chinese medicine thinks "the sun", the more intense sun be the spirit to improve human body movement, the more fierce, but does not favor the sun be the spirit of recuperation, thus argues that training is given priority to with relaxation exercise in the morning, such as walking, jogging, morning exercises, tai chi, etc., should not be strenuous exercise.


2. Running at noon

Movement of the golden time for the afternoon of the day actually 16 to 17 points, because most of the daily operation, the body's muscle ligament got abundant, heart rate blood pressure steady, can be more intense aerobic exercise, such as running, playing, swimming and so on. But because this time is still time to work, therefore, advocates gens going to work can be delayed until half past at 17 to 18, this time in the afternoon the twilight, sun haven't setting, still with sun be the spirit in season, at the moment movement both avoided the operation time, also won't affect, hidden behind the sun be the spirit of the folding, and doesn't contradict and dinner time.

3. Running in the evening

Night in sports, especially strenuous exercise really unlucky to keep fit pranayama. Thought of traditional Chinese medicine, in the evening the sun goes down, the human body hidden, sun be the spirit also gradually convergence gradually stepped into the stage of sleep, the so-called "Yang in Yin mei". Night games aroused the sun be the spirit of the body, especially exciting violent campaign, "Yang does not enter the Yin", easy to cause insomnia. Therefore, movement both damage the sun be the spirit in the evening, also wear Yin jing, in the long term of health. Walking after dinner is good sport is walking, can promote gastrointestinal activities, improve the digestive functions, and can relieve nerves, remove serious mood, good for sleeping.

Conclusion: matters of running time of a day to their grasp, what time is better is known as real time, oneself must frequently run, running based on the description of the article to the human body has a good effect of thin body!