Interesting features of intelligent bracelet

发布时间 : 2021-07-12

Compared to sit and move the mouse or phone touch computer games games, intelligent sports bracelet can make physical activity, running for a few minutes, carry momentum is not small, intelligent hand ring is a whole body coordination of sports equipment.

In addition, because the distance from the electronic band screen, are small damage to the eyes. Intelligent somatosensory sports bracelet as long as the good control of time, not too emotional, compared with traditional electronic intelligent hand ring, not only harm to our health is small, and there are a lot of benefits.


Of course, each function of intelligent sports bracelet is not suitable for everyone. People with health problems such as hypertension, cardiovascular disease, must be careful, consulting firms need a professional doctor before playing. In addition, each person also need to do proper choice according to the condition of different period.

On December 26 this year, the 73 national intelligence education equipment exhibition held in guangzhou comprehensive. Education sports industry can be in guangzhou city, guangdong province hai read 380 river road for creative products to visit and experience, as the audience you will gain a broader knowledge, general intelligence bracelet to be able to analyze your movement speed, heart rate, blood pressure, and the running time and calories, bluetooth intelligent module, combined with the APP, you can have a better understanding of the personal training plan, training schedule and planning also have increased interest in the certain challenge mode. Online game online ranking, can at any time.

Intelligent motion, the main use of electromagnetic damper and magnetic sensor as the core technology products relying on the bracelet. Can provide accurate real-time power, such as slope simulation training mode, experience warm-up game, fat thin body functions such as a variety of training.

This is a wearable only bracelet, body feeling recognition by precise algorithm to obtain body movement data analysis, to balance your entertainment sports, and caused by addicting games to improve children's myopia, obesity, cervical spondylosis, lack of exercise, physical deterioration and other health problems.

It can be said that these small intelligent equipment, can use of fragmented time, let everyone relax body and mind and entertainment. In addition, to provide more accurate motion data monitoring at the same time, the realization of digital sports training, facilitate everybody to social sharing.